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I Want to be There When THE BAND Starts Playing

  As I sit down to write this, quarantined from the world and from Wildwood Guitars, I have an original pressing of The Band’s seminal 1969 self-titled record spinning on my turntable. During these chaotic times, I need something warming, something that feels like sitting on a porch surrounded by tall trees and soft sunshine, … Continued

Taylor Days Spring Break Savings Event

Choose from the two amazing offers below! Offer #1 – Buy any 300 Series or Higher guitar and add an acoustic GS Mini or Academy Series guitar for just $99 USD Buy any Taylor 300 Series guitar or higher — including a Custom, Limited Edition or T5z model — and get an acoustic GS Mini … Continued

A message to our Wildwood family concerning COVID-19

Hello Wildwood family! With the recent outbreak of the COVID-19 virus dominating the news, we wanted to touch base with all of you to offer our reassurance and allay your anxieties about Wildwood’s future. We want to let you know that this particular rock and roll train is going to keep rolling no matter what. … Continued

Where’d All the Time Go: An Introduction to Dr. Dog

  Since many of us are staying home in response to the COVID-19 virus, we assumed that lots of our wonderful customers will be, too. Since we’re all going to have some extra time on our hands, we figured we’d post some musical recommendations from our staff members to help you combat stir-craziness and hopefully … Continued

My Favorite Thin Skin

At a place as loud and hectic as Wildwood Guitars, you’d think the staff would bask in peace and quiet during the rare moments when the phones aren’t ringing. But, we’re a bunch of rockers, and tranquility unnerves us, so we prefer to spend our rare moments of downtime arguing and debating everything from Strat … Continued

Jimi Hendrix Voodoo Child Stratocaster

    We can talk until we’re blue in the face about the plethora of reasons why Jimi Hendrix was the greatest player to ever strap on a Strat. No one has ever matched his blend of virtuosic instrumental prowess, intense emotional expression, Picasso-level attention to the colors and hues in his music, and masterful … Continued

Happy 60th Birthday to the Jazzmaster

It’s a celebration, Wildwoodians! This year marks the Fender Jazzmaster’s sixtieth birthday, so I thought it would be fitting to take a trip down memory lane to honor one of our most popular Jazzmaster models: the ’65 Thin Skin Jazzmaster! These offset beauties are a perpetual favorite among our staff, so I dove deep into … Continued