Unlimited Options. Unlimited Possibilities.

We’ll be blunt: the Kemper Profiling Amplifier scares the living hell out of us. This isn’t your typical modeler. In fact, it isn’t a modeler at all. No, this is a magnificent beast that has captured the souls of thousands of iconic amplifiers, offering them to you, the discerning guitarist for use as you see fit. Yes, it’s THAT good. Owned and adored by Wildwood employees, the Kemper Profiler has proven to be an invaluable tool in both live and studio scenarios. Whether you need to forever capture YOUR tone in the studio, or you’re looking to record in a quiet, volume controlled environment, the Kemper delivers in spades. Wildwood Guitars is proud to offer many different configurations of the Kemper Profiler, including powered options for live use. Feel free to contact us with any questions and discover just how Kemper made the seemingly impossible‚Ķpossible.