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Wildwoodians, we’re feeling kind of a-Gretsch-ive today (sorry), so we thought we’d head over to the left-most side of the dial with this G6128T Player’s Edition Jet in a sweet Sahara Metallic finish. It totally rips thanks to its Dynasonic pickups, which deliver full-bodied, gorgeous clean sounds and medically inadvisable levels of gristle through a high gain amp. The neck shape is also delightful—thin at the nut and medium at the higher frets, a nice taper—so it’s a blast to play.

It’s also incredibly clean with no cosmetic flaws to report. It comes with its original hardshell case, which is structurally sound but has a small crack in it. Again, sorry for reaching earlier with the whole “aggressive, a-Gretsch-ive” pun, and please feel free to head over to our Reverb page for more details on this magnificent wooden steed!

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For a limited time, save up to $300 on select Custom Color Series Les Paul models. If you’ve had your eye on one of these unique colors, now is the time to add one to your collection. Head on over to the Gibson USA Custom Color Series page on our site for more details. Be bold for Spring!

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Harness the power and ingenuity of the legendary hero with the new Mythos Herculean Deluxe Overdrive pedal. Taking the original Herculean design and adding their awesome “runestone” overdrive, the Herculean Deluxe delivers the most iconic overdrive tones in one, simple to use, stomp box. The left side is a classic bluesbreaker circuit with that deep dirt and grit that has carried Rock n Roll for decades. On the right side is a “D” Style overdrive circuit, bringing you that legendary and soaring clean boost that carries lead lines into the heavens and beyond! With several internal switching options, the Herculean Deluxe is truly customizable to your playing needs. Order one online or make an appointment and try one out in the shop today!

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Wildwoodians, we’ve never seen anything quite like this 2023 Castedosa Marianna Custom. One look at the Brazilian rosewood top with red epoxy—the deep, lustrous golds, warm browns, and vibrant crimson in the center—and you’ll see why all activity paused in the shop for a ten-minute drool break when this guitar arrived. Framed by the cream binding and herringbone purfling, the top gives this guitar a look that is both rustic and earthy yet sophisticated—sort of like if James Bond wanted something in the vibe of a Gretsch Roundup but with the luxury turned up to ten. The ebony fingerboard and its red block inlays only add to the mystique. And, it sounds killer, too! The mini-humbucker is as beefy and sculpted as a stature of Arnold Schwarzenegger made of ground beef, and the ‘50s-style single-coil has all the throaty twang, sparkle, and bite you’ll ever need. We’re proud to showcase this awesome Castedosa, and we have no doubt you’ll feel the love if you take it for a spin!

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Wildwoodians, I’ve played a lot of Civilization 5, and the best map by far is Terra—it’s where everybody starts on two continents then has to race to find the new world. It rules, especially if you’re not a coward and play on Marathon length. But, this Suhr Modern Terra is a strong contender for the coveted “Things I Like Most That Are Called Terra” award. It plays like Crisco-coated butter, and you can get roughly 1,072,452 tones out of the supremely versatile, inspiring pickups. It’s also quite minty, and the only cosmetic flaw to report is a check in the neck pocket. And that dark forest green finish is mysterious...dangerous...yet exciting, like the promise of battle when you happen upon a barbarian encampment. Come to think of it, you could probably clear out a barbarian camp with just this guitar...anyway, it’s so rad that I’d stop playing Civ to play it, and it also comes with its original hardshell case! Head on over to our Reverb page to check out Modern Terra six-string steed. Have #StartSUHRday everyone.

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Wildwoodians, it’s Tele Tuesday, so we decided to celebrate by putting this awesome NOS Wildwood 10 1951 Nocaster. “But it’s Friday, not Tuesday,” you say. Wrong. Tele Tuesday is every day. Tele Tuesday is a state of mind. Tele Tuesday is eternal. You cannot escape Tele Tuesday. We beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into Tele Tuesday. You might also ask “But how can we celebrate Tele Tuesday with a Nocaster? It’s not even a Tele, technically” to which we respond: Tele Tuesday encompasses All.

It’s quite a clean example, too. It shows some light checking in the finish on the body, and it honestly looks pretty cool—it gives the guitar a subtle vintage vibe. It comes with its original hardshell case with all the goodies, too. All hail Tele Tuesday!

Interest piqued? Drop us DM or check our Serial R122682 on the Wildwood Reverb page. FEAST!

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