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There’s nothing more jaw dropping than a beautiful top on a Gibson Les Paul. Especially when it’s hand selected by Tom Murphy and painted & aged by his trusty team in the Murphy Lab. Say hello to this ‘59 LP Standard “Brazilian Rosewood” in all its glory. The conjured up “Tom’s Tea” finish on the 4A Maple top will annihilate at least 5 out of 6 of your senses. Head on over to the Murphy Lab section of the website and feast upon Serial 94046. Can you dig it?!?

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The store will be closed today (November 23rd) in observance of the holiday. Our online shop, however, is always open for business. Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving from the entire Wildwood staff. Now, FEAST! #happythanksgivng ...

Wildwoodians, Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and we have a conundrum: we want to offer all you wonderful Wildwoodians a bunch of incredible deals on guitars, amps and pedals for our Better Than Black Friday sale, but we also don’t want you to have to awaken from your turkey-induced coma early to get them, because the day after Thanksgiving should be for making ambitious sandwiches of objectionable size with as many leftovers as possible and napping, as our forefathers intended. So we decided to do start the sale today! Of course, we’ll still be here on Black Friday if you want to take a break from sandwich artistry to snag a deal. Speaking of which, there are some sah-weet deals this year! All kinds of killer guitars, amps, and pedals are available at awesome values on our Better Than Black Friday page, which you can find by clicking the link in our bio. You should stop by and check it out! Depending on the manufacturer, some items will be on sale for less time than others, so don’t miss out! As always, please give us a call or drop us a line if you want to know more. Also, drop your favorite day-after-Thanksgiving sandwich in the comments to give us some ideas for this year (personally, we think the GOAT tactic is to use a dinner roll with mashed potatoes and sharp cheddar cheese with cranberries, but we’re open to suggestions).

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How do ya’ like them apples? Another Gibson Custom Shop 1957 Les Paul Standard is our #GOTD. This Gloss LP in Candy Apple Blue features hot hide glue construction, premium tone woods, and is equipped with two feisty Wildwood Spec humbuckers. Obsessively perfect, ultra-accurate aesthetic appointments complement the stellar finish. Interest piqued? Drop us an email for further info on Serial 731957. Happy #GibSunday everyone.

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The PRS “Dead Spec” Silver Sky was designed for John Mayer’s prominent work with Dead & Company’s last tour. Paying homage to Jerry Garcia’s iconic “Alligator” guitar tones, the Dead Spec Silver Sky is a modded version of Mayer’s signature axe with significant spec changes.

The foundation of the “Dead Spec” Silver Sky is a lightweight Swamp Ash body (rather than alder) finished in Moc Sand satin nitro that is thin and strikingly sinks into the ash wood grain. The bridge is a modified PRS patented Gen III Tremolo that has been screwed to the body, effectively rendering it a string-through hardtail bridge. Keeping the tremolo’s brass block in the equation adds a musical warmth to the guitar. At the other end of the strings are a brass nut and string retainer bar, which also contribute to the guitar’s resonance and tone.

Perhaps most notably, the Dead Spec Silver Sky’s jack plate has been swapped out for a brass-plate Alembic Blaster preamp. This preamp can be used as a straight boost but has an internal pot that allows players to add between 3-14 dB of gain to the guitar when turned on. This not only gives the Dead Spec Silver Sky added punch while maintaining crisp note separation, but it compensates for the capacitance that comes with long stage cables as well.

The circuit is bypassed when in the off position. Only 1,000 PRS “Dead Spec” Silver Skys will be made. Interest piqued? Drop us an email or call the store for more details. Just keep trucking’ on.

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Wildwoodians, when this Gene Simmons Signature EB-0 arrived, it was absolute bedlam in the Bass Department. When we opened the case, carious members of Bass Team started screaming, crying, laughing maniacally, rocking back and forth in the fetal position, doing backflips, and kneeling in praise of Lemmy (one guy even started a fire for some reason). You can’t really hold us responsible for our actions, because this bass would make even the coolest cucumber act a fool. It has the murdered-out menace of a Les Paul Custom, the sleek, stripped-down styling of a Les Paul Junior, and the rugged, muscular power of a vintage EB-0. Not to mention, its short scale-length makes playing it feel like driving a a sports car…a very evil sports car, like a morally-bankrupt version of KITT from Knight Rider. Well, we’ve gone from KISS to KITT here, so it’s probably time to wrap this up before things get out of hand (we’re just cleaning up the mess in the Bass Department) but please give us a holler or drop us a line if you want to know more about these spectacular basses or about how (hot take incoming) KISS is still somehow an underrated band. Happy #ThumpinThursday everyone.

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