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In the early days of the Beatles, John Lennon purchased a Rickenbacker 325 from a music shop in Hamburg, Germany, and its sparkling, jangly tone and iconic bell-like note bloom became one of THE rock guitar sounds as legions of guitarists sought out their own 325s to cop his sound. Of course, the 325 is a 20 3/4" scale instrument, which requires quite an adjustment to the player`s technique. Rather than leave Beatles fans with big hands out in the cold, the fine folks at Rickenbacker were kind enough to produce a full-scale version as well. Enter the 350V63: a `roided out beast with the same British Invasion tone you remember from your favorite records.

The Rickenbacker 350V63 features a wealth of vintage-accurate appointments, including a trapeze tailpiece, replica tuners, and solid black knobs. But, let`s not kid ourselves: what we`re most excited about is the three vintage-style toaster pickups. The exacting recreations of Rickenbacker`s most famous pickups do not disappoint! It all adds up to a versatile guitar with 1960s vibe AND the sort of modern playability that discerning twenty-first-century guitarists demand.

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People often spend lifetimes searching for kindred spirits. Things that complete you, and you complete them. Yin and Yang, chocolate and peanut butter, McCartney and Lennon. You make each other whole. It was meant to be! Spirituality to the side, reckon with the universe and snag this Wildwood Spec 1959 Les Paul Standard in a VOS Kindred Burst finish. This beauty graces the Gibson Custom Shop page on our website, so don’t be a stranger, find the ying to your yang today! Shoot us an email or call for more details on Serial 911849.

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Wildwoodians, we have a special NFL opening weekend #GibSunday treat for you today, and it is definitely NOT on the right side of the dial. That`s right, head over to the Left of the Dial part of our Reverb shop and check out this killer Wildwood Select Les Paul Standard. It has some extremely small cosmetic blemishes near the bass side edge, but other than that it`s super duper clean. It sounds mighty enough to be worthy of Paul Bunyan if he was in a Sabbath cover band, and it looks so pretty that it will leave your haters in shambles! Please feel free to give us a call or drop us a line if you have any questions about this serial or any of the other glorious Wildwood Select LP’s in our inventory, and keep on rockin` in the free world, Wildwoodians!

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WIldwoodians, we are pleased that the Murphy Lab has decided to enter the acoustic realm! That`s right--they`ve established a new Murphy Lab in the Bozeman, Montana plant to create acoustics with worn-in, aged finishes built with time-consuming old-world methods that result in truly extraordinary instruments.

Tom Murphy has done a bang-up job of teaching his team the Way of Murphy, and the acoustic artisans of Bozeman do a marvelous job of replicating his masterful work. As a result, each guitar looks like it came out of a time machine and feels like your favorite worn-in pair of blue jeans. Their acoustics offerings are meant to mimic the feel of one of a guitar that was someone`s "number one" for many years. In other words, a treasured guitar that got played often but was well-taken-care-of, beloved but not babies. All in all, it feels pretty sweet--sitting down with one for the first time is kind of like saying hello to a best friend you`ve never met before.

If you`d like to know more about why these guitars knocked our socks off, please feel free to give us a call or drop us a line and we`ll tell you all about why we love them so much!

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When life gives you lemons, throw them in the trash and stare at this Murphy Lab LP Standard in Lemon Burst finish instead. This Tom Murphy hand-painted bad boy has the sort of maple top that would make a grown man faint in the produce isle. If this particular fruit of eye candy has piqued your interest, don’t be a stranger: shoot us an email or call for more details on Serial 03074. Can you dig it?!?

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