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If you pick out any one Custom Shop employee from the sawdust maelstrom and watch them for even just a couple of minutes, you begin to notice a certain ease in their motions that suggests total mastery of the task at hand. You come to the realization that you are surrounded by highly-skilled craftspeople for whom excellence is a habit rather than a goal to be striven for.

In that sense, the current Fender Custom Shop isn’t all that different from Leo’s workshop in the fifties. Sure, there may be more technology at use, but the heart of the operation has stayed the same. The lifeblood of the Fender Custom Shop is still the people, just like it was when the first Nocasters rolled out the door seven decades ago.

While their manufacturing processes may be more precise nowadays, there is always a strong human element that imbues Fender Custom Shop guitars with a heaping helping of heart and soul that gives each guitar a distinct and inspiring personality. So, when the Fender Custom Shop builds a guitar, they are not attempting to recapture past glories or recreate vintage mojo, because the glory and the mojo have never left. They’re still making guitars the same way they always have: with love, diligence, passion, and care.

Wildwood Guitars is proud to showcase the largest collection of Fender Custom Shop guitars on the planet. From Artist Series guitars that capture the vibe of our favorite rock stars to Artisan Series axes that highlight the beauty of rare, exotic woods to thunder-summoning Custom Shop basses to Masterbuilt marvels, we’ve got it all. Oh, and don’t forget our exclusive collection of Wildwood 10s!

We invite you to browse our selection and find a Fender that inspires you. On the off-chance that we don’t have exactly what you’re looking for, give us a call, because they are a true Custom Shop, and they can make your dream guitar a reality. So, engage your drool shields and browse away! We’re sure you’ll find a guitar that inspires you to reach new heights on your musical journey.