The Acoustic People

Amplifying an acoustic guitar and getting it to sound good is one of the most difficult tasks in live sound, but our friends at AER have cracked the code. They come by their knowledge honestly, as most of the fine folks that work there are gigging acoustic guitarists. So, they have a true understanding of what players need when they hit the stage. Armed with that first-hand knowledge, founder Udo Roesner and his team have used precision German engineering to build amps that deliver acoustic guitarists the live sound they’ve always dreamed of.

AER’s innovative designs, high-quality components, specially-voiced speakers and dynamic control technology all help them achieve extraordinary sound quality, but they also attribute their excellence to what they call “the mystic element:” the kind of intuitive sonic know-how that one can only develop by becoming intimately acquainted with different types of acoustic guitars and the difficulties of live performance.

As a result of this “musical seasoning” and innovative engineering, their amps sound absolutely stunning. They’re clear enough to translate the nuances of your acoustic guitar to your audience and lively enough to capture even the most minute dynamics of your playing. Perhaps most importantly, they are loud enough to cut through the noise of a crowded bar, subway station, or street corner. Despite their huge sound, they are quite compact and lightweight—a must for a musician on the go. Furthermore, they have a host of essential features like microphone inputs, direct outputs, and powerful EQs, so you’ll have all the tools you need to sound great in every situation.

As you can see, the fine folks at AER are not kidding when they call themselves “The Acoustic People.” They live, breathe, eat, and sleep acoustic music, and the peerless quality of their amplifiers is a reflection of their dedication. We’re proud to showcase our selection of AER amplifiers, and we invite you to take one for a spin and experience their incredible tone for yourself!