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The story of Jackson Guitars begins with an enormous leap of faith and a pointy guitar. Back in 1978, a young guitar repairman named Grover Jackson purchased a small shop called Charvel’s Guitar Repair. After hot-rodding Strat after Strat for hair-metal aficionados looking for something a bit more shred-worthy, Grover and his team decided to start making their own guitars. However, Jackson Guitars didn’t get started until an incandescent young talent named Randy Rhoads asked Grover to build him a V-shaped guitar that didn’t look like a Flying V.

After tweaking the guitar to Rhoads’s specifications and giving the twentysomething shredder a couple prototypes to test on the road, Grover arrived at his final design: an offset V that looked nothing like the more traditional Strat-style guitars Charvel was known for. This left the esteemed Mr. Jackson in quite a pickle: should he release such an audacious design and risk alienating his customers? You have to remember, releasing a pointy guitar was a much different preposition in 1980. Other than B.C. Rich, no one was really producing guitars with outrageous shapes, and the Flying V hadn’t quite become the venerated institution it is today. It was entirely possible that releasing such an instrument would cripple his business!

Rather than hem and haw, Grover decided to double down and release Rhoads’s signature model under the moniker “Jackson,” and the rest is heavy metal history. Mr. Jackson’s innovative, visually striking designs immediately caught on among the virtuosos of the metal scene because of their superior playability, hot-rodded electronics, immaculate build quality, and flashy looks.