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Behind the Guitar: The Story of Bruce Springsteen and His Tele

For most of us here at Wildwood—myself included—the concept of guitar monogamy is hard to grasp. It almost seems heretical! With so many unique and inspiring six-strings out there, it seems impossible to choose just one. In a weird way, I’m jealous of guitar monogamists because they’ve reached the end of the tonequest. They’ve found … Continued

My Favorite Thin Skin

At a place as loud and hectic as Wildwood Guitars, you’d think the staff would bask in peace and quiet during the rare moments when the phones aren’t ringing. But, we’re a bunch of rockers, and tranquility unnerves us, so we prefer to spend our rare moments of downtime arguing and debating everything from Strat … Continued

Happy 60th Birthday to the Jazzmaster

It’s a celebration, Wildwoodians! This year marks the Fender Jazzmaster’s sixtieth birthday, so I thought it would be fitting to take a trip down memory lane to honor one of our most popular Jazzmaster models: the ’65 Thin Skin Jazzmaster! These offset beauties are a perpetual favorite among our staff, so I dove deep into … Continued


Mythos-Ology Every single member of the staff at Wildwood Guitars is obsessive about their guitar tone to an extent that most rational human beings would find completely and utterly nuts. We don’t think we’re crazy—we just care about tone, we swear—but one area where our obsessive tendencies verge on unhealthy is our pedalboards. One of … Continued

Greg Koch Helps Choose YOUR Next Guitar Volume 3!

  Here at Wildwood, we know how hard it is to pick out a guitar. When confronted with such a vast array of absurdly good instruments, it’s easy to become paralyzed by the plethora of excellent choices in front of you. How do you decide on a guitar when every option is fantastic? Picking a … Continued

Confessions of a Slash Fanatic

When I was twelve, a friend of mine slipped me a copy of Guns & Roses’ Greatest Hits on a church trip. Every night that summer, I would tell my parents that I was going to go to bed to do my summer reading assignment (that year, it was Great Expectations), grab my portable CD … Continued