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As with all great stories, the story of Wampler Pedals begins with Night Ranger. When he was a kid, Brian Wampler first fell in love with rock and roll while watching his older brother’s band practice “Don’t Tell Me You Love Me.” Ever since, he’s been a total gearhead, but the gear never quite seemed to match the sounds he heard in his head. Then, one auspicious day, a friend of his showed him a Boss DS-1 that he had modified with different transistors and capacitors. Brian was astonished at how different it sounded from a stock model, so he got on the internet and joined www.diystompboxes.com. However, he was disappointed to find that the forum had its fair share of elitist members who wrote exclusively in confusing technical jargon. So, Brian began studying electronics in earnest with hopes of learning key concepts well enough to simplify them into everyday language for the average pedal nerd.

Because Brian was spending a couple hours a day helping his fellow DIY stompbox enthusiasts, he decided to compile all his knowledge into an epic tome called How to Modify Guitar Pedals. Widely regarded as the pedal encyclopedia, Brian’s book inspired legions of builders to tinker and tweak and, eventually, build their own pedals. That’s exactly what Brian did once several of his fellow forum members commissioned him to build custom pedals. As word got around that the man who literally wrote the book on pedals was building original circuits, several shops asked if he’d build them a few pedals, and things snowballed from there. Though Brian’s original goal was to simply share knowledge and help some friends reach the end of their tonequest, the incredible demand for his product forced his hand. He had to start a full-fledged pedal company!