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I’ve never bought a guitar that I didn’t see and play for myself, for obvious reasons. So, I was a little hesitant when considering purchasing one online with Wildwood Guitars. But after reading a lot of the testimonials on their website, which were pretty impressive to say the least, I had the confidence to make a purchase. I had a lot of questions and wanted to see more pictures of the guitars that interested me. Troy Benns was the sales associate helping me and he was a big help and very patient with all my questions and requests to have more pics sent to me. I was very excited and waited 5-6 days to get it. I was like a kid again and Christmas was coming. I tracked the guitar in transit a couple times a day. I couldn’t wait. After getting my guitar there was a problem with it, I was so deflated and disappointed to say the least, so I contacted Troy right away. He figured out what the problem was and right away offered me a refund, exchange or up grade. There was another guitar I was interested in so after looking at more pictures of it I decided to go with it. After all the frustration and the inconvenience, Troy was nice enough to 2nd day air it to me and ironically I got it on my birthday, what a nice gift. I just want to thank Troy for his professionalism and the great care he took in making a bad situation right. I was really blown away by the customer service he provided to me. I couldn’t have dealt with a nicer guy, such a pleasure to do business with. I continue to check the site everyday waiting for the right Les Paul standard or custom tobacco burst with a killer flame and fat neck. As soon as I see it I’m calling Troy again. I will be very confident with my next purchase and I look forward to doing business with Troy again.

If anyone is hesitant with making their 1st online purchase, put your fears aside, pick up the phone and call Troy. You will be so happy you did. Wildwood also has some of the best tops available in the online market. The major online music retail stores don’t even come close with their selection. I also proudly wear my Wildwood Guitars t-shirt, I love it!

Thanks again, Troy! You rock and are the best!!


“Not only does Wildwood Guitars sell great high-quality instruments, but they make absolutely sure your experience as a customer matches the quality of what you are paying for. I live in Puerto Rico and shipping can be a hassle, but Wildwood made sure I could get an instrument that was not available in any dealer here for a good price. If that wasn’t enough, when the instrument had an issue, I contacted Wildwood and within a day they had spoken to the company and gotten me a free repair. John from Wildwood even remembered my name and instrument from the original order when I called back 2 months later, in case you had any doubts on whether they care about their customers, and my emails were all responded to within a day or less. If you have any doubts about buying instruments online, you won’t be disappointed with Wildwood Guitars.”

I don’t really care whether it is anonymous or not so if you think it adds validity to the testimonials then feel free to include my name and the instrument I purchased. In case it wasn’t clear, I am extremely grateful and trust me when I say that the only Reverend dealer here does not even compare not only in selection, but in service (They weren’t too kind or helpful). If I am ever looking for another Reverend instrument, you can be sure it will be from here! I’ll let you know when my instrument has arrived back to me.

Many thanks,
Javier C.

I’ve had my amazing WW20 for a few days now – I wasn’t able to write you at first because my head exploded about an hour into playing it. The awesomeness was too powerful!

I’ve recovered enough to be able to speak and form sentences. You guys really knocked it out of the park with this little monster. That’s really an understatement. I feel very, very fortunate I was able to get in on these and I’ve been grinning like an idiot since it arrived.

Thanks so much for your assistance and excellent service, You’ve got a customer for life now.

Portland, Or.

I was searching for THE ONE Gibson Les Paul Standard ’50s P-90 Gold Top Guitar for awhile and I wasn’t finding any that I liked enough
to buy it, until I checked the Wildwood Guitar’s web site, and there it was, THE ONE in all it’s gorgeous beauty.  Beautiful one piece back, which is something I had to have, dark fretboard with pretty inlays, The workmanship around the neck pickup with no glaring gaps. Yes, this was THE ONE.  I called Bruce Beard, who was like a longtime friend at the get go.  He was very ice and kind to check everything I asked of him, such as sending me some more photos of the guitar, and checking the case, and he even got the great Greg (The Gristlemeister) Koch who happened to be in the store, to get a picture holding the guitar……WOW!  I was impressed for sure.  The guitar was shipped quickly and expertly.  The shipping box was very sturdy and durable for the trip to Oklahoma.  It got here in just 2 days. Now that’s fast!  Kudos to the shipping dept. I asked Bruce to have Mike Davis do the setup on the guitar with a list of all the things I wanted checked, and Mike performed everything perfectly. This guitar plays like butter.  I have ordered many new guitars over the years, but this is the first time I got one setup correctly and expertly without being out extra expense to have my guitar tech do the job.Great job Mike!  The Photographer also does a fantastic job in taking high resolution photos of the guitars that really helped me make my choice for mine. Even the guitar case was perfect.  I am a nit picker, and I could not find any flaws on the guitar or the case.

Two thumbs up for Wildwood Guitars!  I am so happy to own this guitar and I just want to convey to anyone reading this, that this is the place to buy your next guitar. Great service!

Cliff H.

Just wanted to thank you for my buying experience with the team at Wildwood Guitars. I wanted to celebrate my retirement with the purchase of a Gibson acoustic guitar. I wanted to be able to pick one that had a feel, playability, and more importantly a tone that I liked. With this in mind I did not want to buy online so I planned a trip, and went to Wildwood. I was greeted in a warm, and enthused manner, and made to feel welcome. I guess I spent about 3 hours trying out, and comparing 5 or 6 Gibsons from Advanced Jumbos, Southern Jumbos, J-45s. I was never rushed, or made to feel I was taking too much of anyones time. I settled on a J-45 Vintage! It was shipped to my home in East Texas without any issues. One of my all time best buying experiences!

Many thanks to Justin, and Brian.

-Paul B

I just wanted to let you know that the guitar got here perfectly. In fact let me tell you that this was not my first rodeo as you know and I’ve dealt with a number of the Fender showcase dealers, they are all really good but with Wildwood I must say that was the best service I’ve ever had. When I opened the box and case it was expertly packed and I could tell it had received a lot of love and care. You guys rock and you go way above and beyond the call of duty. I am so grateful for the care you gave that guitar – thank you! Your reputation at the store is well deserved.

Also thank you to you for your kindness and patience with me and being willing to help at NAMM. I will be a repeat client for sure. If possible, can I come see you again for next years show?

You rock Troy and a BIG thank you to you, John and Devyn!


Wildwood has sold me numerous guitars from 2008, till now. Although my fortunes have changed dramatically over that time span & what I can afford has diminished in scale: what hasn’t diminished, is the customer service the store affords to me and the personal service I always receive. I still get the same treatment as if I was only buying custom shop guitars, as I do now buying the standard lines and accessories. Troy usually helps me, although pretty much every one there has in some capacity, including Steve the owner – all are exceptional. Wildwood Guitars is a fantastically stocked and staffed store, by knowledgeable musicians that care and aim to please. In today’s shrinking mom & pop store reality, this store stands head and shoulders over the rest.


Just received my new Reverend ’69 Green Super Rev and let me just say- I Love It! This was the very first on-line guitar purchase I have ever made and I was a bit apprehensive to say the least. The YouTube video that you had on your website for the Super Rev was excellent and was a contributing factor in my purchase from you, vs other outlets. The website was also very helpful in general.
This was a great experience and I am very happy with my purchase. Troy called me when I placed the order and to confirm the set-up. The shipping was excellent, no issues at all. I was expecting a T-Shirt as well, but it was not there when the guitar arrived, so I called and Bruce was nice enough to send one out to me. I look fwd to receiving it.

Thanks again for making this an awesome experience!

You guys rock!


Just wanted to drop a line and say thanks to Brian, Troy and (I believe) Bruce. I walked in off the street last Wednesday and asked to play a True Historic Les Paul. Brian had one in my hands in less than 2 minutes. I sat and played the instrument for about 20 minutes then reluctantly returned it to be put back in its place. We exchanged praise for the instrument and I asked to buy a tee shirt. When I pulled out my wallet, Brian insisted it was on the house. I was stunned at his generosity to say the least. In this age of e-commerce, it is refreshing to walk into a brick and mortar store and feel like I was in the same type of environment I would walk into at my local guitar shop 45 years ago. One where the owner and salespeople were glad to see you. Kudos to all of you at Wildwood for keeping the guitar experience real. I’ve been in a lot of ’em in my 63 years and this truly is one I’ll never forget!

Steve H.

Bottom line up front: There is no better place in the world to buy a guitar or amplifier than Wildwood Guitars!! There are no better people (salesman, customer service, management, support staff, etc…) to have the honor to deal with when buying a guitar or amplifier, than those at Wildwood Guitars. I should know because I have been buying guitars, amplifiers, and accessories consistently for the last 33 years, and have done so from just about every venue you can come up with. My only regret is that I did not discover Wildwood Guitars sooner. But as Steve Mesple (owner/founder of Wildwood Guitars), humbly told me, there is a time/season for everything in life.

If you are a new, or potentially new customer to Wildwood Guitars and you find yourself reading this, I want you to know that you have just stumbled onto a goldmine. Wildwood Guitars sells not only a wide variety of beautiful guitars, and guitar related merchandise at all price points, but they specialize in fine instruments and are the largest dealer of Fender and Gibson Custom Shop instruments in the country, just to name a few. What makes Wildwood so special is that despite their large stature in this industry, you will still get the most dedicated, personalized, one on one service to help you find that perfect guitar. I have never received even close to this level of service even from mom and pop venues back in the 1980’s. At Wildwood, I have primarily worked with Lance Bowzer. He is a genius!! He has taken hours of my phone calls, answered numerous e-mails, and played and compared multiple instruments to give me a detailed analysis of each one just to make sure I get the one that was meant for me. He did this from the very beginning before I even spent a penny at Wildwood Guitars. You see, I live in California and when spending thousands of dollars on an instrument without ever touching it, it takes an exceptional level of trust. Wildwood and Lance have certainly earned my trust. Although I have primarily worked with Lance, I assure you that every person on the Wildwood team is exceptional. I recently worked with Steve Stuart, the resident Les Paul expert and creative architect of the Greg Koch guitar videos, and he is also exceptional. Steve Mesple has ensured this over the years that he has built this business and Wildwood’s incredible reputation by only hiring the best, most knowledgeable, and just flat out great people.

The next biggest question on most consumers minds is typically, how are they on pricing?. A luxury outfit that offers ultra high end customer service must come at a premium price, right? WRONG!!! This is what blew me away. They not only offer the lowest prices I have ever found, but the quote you get right up front is the price you pay. There is no haggling. They absolutely will not start high and work down low. You call or e-mail, let them know what you are interested in, and they will give you their price, and that is it. Additionally, it is the same price whether you are a brand new customer, or have been a loyal customer for 20 years. Their prices have always been consistently lower than even the largest chain stores, and sometimes by a considerable margin. Wildwood Guitars is simply and truly, absolutely amazing when it comes to pricing!!!

Lastly, I briefly mentioned the Greg Koch guitar videos on their website, and Wildwood’s YouTube channel. These are phenomenal!!! Chances are that the guitar of your dreams comes with a video demonstration where you can see, hear, and almost feel the music and soul pouring through. If so, these are invaluable. Greg Koch is a master player, extremely witty and entertaining, and a joy to watch. I will admit that I watch his videos just for fun now, and to try and replicate some of his genius playing – they really are that entertaining, but again an invaluable tool when trying to narrow down a purchase between multiple instruments.

I really and truly cannot say enough about this incredibly exceptional establishment, the fine and honest souls that work here, and the quality of their word. Wildwood Guitars defines integrity in business, and once you are a customer here, you are a friend for life!!

Jason S.