Classic Vintage. Modern Innovation.

Master amp designer Mark Bartel has focused on nothing but vintage tone perfection for over 30 years. To say the payoff has been extraordinary would be a massive understatement. Tone King amplifiers are the direct result of tireless experimentation with high quality components, premium cabinet construction, and a standard of the highest quality. Each Tone King amp is designed, developed, prototyped and tested by Mark himself before being taken to production at the state-of-the-art Two-Rock Amplification facility in Rohnert Park, CA. The final product is the perfect marriage of classic vintage and modern innovation. You may recognize the Tone King Imperial from our demo videos, as it has become our golden standard and go-to reference amplifier for demoing some of the finest instruments in our inventory. We think you’ll agree, all of Mark’s hard work has certainly paid off, and we have a feeling he’s just getting started.