The best part is, swapping out modules couldn’t be easier! Changing your whole tone takes about as much effort as putting a new game in a Nintendo 64. That’s great because there are a whole bunch of modules, and you’re going to want to try every single one. From classic tweedy American tones to modern high-gain sounds, Synergy has you covered.

You can deploy the Synergy modules in two ways: within the front-end of the SYN30 amplifier (a transparent 6L6-powered amp designed to allow the module’s personalities to shine through), or as a preamp in either the SYN1 or SYN2. However you choose to Synergize, one thing is for certain: you’ll be able to grab all sorts of iconic sounds with incredible ease. We’re proud to present our selection of Synergy amps and preamps, and we know they will inspire you to reach new heights on your rock and roll adventure.