Mythos Pedals is a small, family-owned pedal company based out of Nashville, Tennessee. Zach Broyles and his wife make each and every Mythos pedal by hand, and though their meticulous attention to detail certainly plays a large part in the Mythos sound, what really sets them apart is how much care goes into each pedal. From the moment Zach walked into our shop to talk to us about carrying his pedals, we knew he was a kindred spirit. Like us, he suffers from Obsessive Pedal Disorder, and the incredible sound of his stompboxes reflects his deep, abiding love of great guitar tone.

Mythos makes lots of killer pedals that do a lot of different things, but they all have one thing in common: their expressiveness. Good pedals feel like an extension of your instrument and amplifier, but great pedals like the ones made by Mythos feel like an extension of your hand. They respond to your touch and give you all sorts of new timbres, colors, and hues to use in your compositions. They can inspire you to play differently, or they can inspire you to find new ideas in familiar territory. What legendary sounds will you uncover? We invite you to take a gander and see where the muse takes you!