The Instruments That Started It All.

There’s nothing quite like a great vintage guitar. They’re more than just instruments–they’re amazing pieces of history! These are the guitars that inspired generations and cemented the iconic sound of rock ‘n roll. We can still feel the undeniable impact these instruments have made on our industry, and players still gravitate towards these iconic instruments for their expressive voices and phenomenal feel. Wynton Marsalis is fond of saying that truly great music evokes emotions that we don’t necessarily have a name for, and these vintage guitars do something similar. Old guitars have all sorts of subtle shades and hues within them, and they expand the artistic palette of any musician who picks them up. Truly exceptional instruments go a step beyond even that by creating those unspoken emotions Mr. Marsalis was talking about during the act of creation. It’s hard to quantify “mojo,” but the Wildwood team knows it when we see it, and we have sought out vintage instruments that have “it:” the rare sorts of timbres that evoke nameless feelings. We have accomplished this by sourcing the best of the best from loving owners who have treated their guitars the way they deserve to be treated, and once they arrive they receive the exact same love and care that our new instruments do. We invite you to browse our inventory and unlock the legend for yourself.

Feel free to give us a call or email us with any questions or an in-hand description.