Experience the Revolution

The story of 45 RPM amps is a simple one: one of those mad scientist types that seem to gravitate towards the music industry repaired an amp for another mad scientist. Unsurprisingly, they got to talking and hit it off. They quickly realized that they were both obsessed with electric guitar tone to a borderline-unhealthy degree. After becoming fast friends, they decided to build the ultimate guitar amplifier together. They wanted to build something that could do everything: rich, sweet-sounding warm cleans, classic seventies overdrive and distortion, modern high-gain sounds, vintage jangle and sparkle, and overtone-laden boutique crunch. It had to be articulate AND sound massive. After accomplishing the impossible and building an amp that does it all, they came by Wildwood one day and asked us if we were interested in carrying it. About thirty seconds into the initial demo, we knew that we had to have their amplifiers. Truly, they are some of the most inspiring pieces of guitar gear we have ever had the privilege of showcasing. These homegrown magical machines are only available at Wildwood Guitars, and we could not be prouder to offer them to our exceptional customers. We invite you to browse our selection of 45 RPM amps and experience the tone revolution.