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A Heroic Amount of Beef

No, Wildwoodians, we're not talking about the last time we went to Arby's--when it comes to overdrive, the Mythos Herculean Deluxe has all the meat...and the gristle, too! It's Mythos's Hercules and Runestone pedals in one box, giving you a distinctly amp-ish Dumble-style overdrive and a hot-rodded Blues Breaker circuit in one pedal. With the ability to stack these two delicious drives in whatever order you want and a 4-way internal dip switch that lets you control the type of clipping you get from each pedal, it truly is an endlessly inspiring tone-shaping tool. You can choose between soft and hard clipping for the Runestone side of things and between MOSFET/NOS germanium diodes or silicon for the Herculean. You can use it for everything from clean boosting to creating roaring-yet-responsive amp-like drive. It truly is a versatile, powerful beast, and we have no doubt it could steal the mare of Diomedes, capture the Cretan bull, or do any of Hercules's other labors (or, you know, just inspire you to play more guitar at louder volumes!).

Technical Details:

-Approx. 40 mA Current Draw
-True Bypass Switching
-Mono In & Out
-Enclosure size: 4.705" L x 3.701" W x 1.657" H

Herculean Deluxe Overdrive Controls:

-Left Side - Herculean Side
Level - Adjusts output of Herculean side
Drive - Controls gain of Herculean side.
Clarity - Change Treble content of Herculean side.
Bass - Cut or boost low end of Herculean side.

-Right Side - Runestone Side
Level - Adjusts output of Runestone side.
Drive - Control the gain of Runestone side.
Order - Switched Right is Runestone first, Switched Left is Herculean first.
Voice - Shape Top End of Runestone side.

-Internal Controls
Clipping Switches - Choose clipping varieties for each side.
Presence Trim Pot - Additional adjustment for Runestone circuit.

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