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Beware of the Chupacabra

The chupacabra is a mythical beast that roams the South American countryside at night sucking the blood of helpless livestock, and when you think about it, that's pretty rock and roll! Sadly, most wildlife experts agree that the chupacabra is nothing more than an urban legend. However, if it were real, and if it played guitar, it would definitely have a Chupacabra from Mythos Pedals on its pedalboard. The Mythos Chupacabra is the sort of fuzz that befits a mythical beast thanks to its unholy combination of raw power and venomous bite. Mythos's founder, Zach Broyles, designed the Chupacabra to help Texas blues enthusiasts cop the sounds from the first few ZZ Top records, but players of all stripes will find plenty of gnarly tones to fall in love with!

Two Knobs. Endless Options

Though the Chupacabra only has two knobs, it's quite a versatile monster! Rolling back the gain and cranking the volume gives you a delightful natural breakup reminiscent of an old tweed Fender with the volume pinned, but with a hint of the ripping-velcro high-end that the best old Fuzzface circuits have. This open, more overdrive-style sound is killer for crunchy rhythms and searing leads! Going past twelve o'clock on the gain knob puts you squarely in fuzz territory, and man, is fuzz territory ever a fun place to live in with this pedal! The top-end slices though a mix like a machete through brush on the Texas prairie, the midrange hits you in the gut like tough hombre in a Dallas pool hall, and the low end is as rich and full as the oilfields in the Permian Basin. Even with both knobs on ten, the Chupacabra remains dynamic, and it does a spectacular job of emulating the amp-melting fuzz tones of the sixties and seventies. At all points in between these three extremes, you can find all sorts of killer sounds, and you can tweak things further and get all sorts of cleaner overdriven sounds by rolling off the volume on your guitar.

A Small Disclaimer

Wildwood Guitars is pleased to showcase the Mythos Chupacabra, and we hope you find it as inspiring as we do, but please be careful: Chupacabra users have reported experiencing several side effects including abnormal beard growth, sudden increased mastery of the blues scale, a desire to purchase cheap sunglasses, and an insatiable need to play guitar. If you are experiencing any of these side effects, good! That means that the Chupacabra has gotten a ahold of you. Don't fight it--just enjoy the ride, because now you're bad and you're nationwide!

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