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Keep Me Searching for a Fuzz of Gold

Remember that old movie, Jason and the Argonauts? If you haven’t seen it, you should, because it’s a cult classic filled with delightfully cheesy sixties special effects and heroic swordfights. In the movie, which loosely follows an old Greek myth, Jason and his band of warriors battle an army of stop-motion skeletons for the fleece of a golden ram at the behest of Zeus. The Mythos Golden Fleece provides a different type of fuzz than the one in the legend, but it is no less divine, and I would surely fight an army of the undead to secure its place on my pedalboard.

Give Me MORE

The Mythos Golden Fleece’s design reflects an old adage of Henry David Thoreau: simplify, simplify, simplify! It has one knob (a master volume/gain control, appropriately labeled “More”), because everyone knows that controls for things silly things like “gain” and “EQ” only get in the way of a pedal’s ability to stir up a rock and roll ruckus.

One-Knob Wonder

And holy mackerel, can the Golden Fleece ever make a joyous noise! A lot of one-knob pedals are pretty much useless unless you crank them, but this one sounds great at lots of different places on the dial. At nine o’clock, this pedal sounds like an overdrive that hit the weight room and drank its Muscle Milk with religious regularity for a year. At noon, the transformation begins. The Golden Fleece gets hairier and hairier. The low-end takes on a smooth, Muff-like timbre, and the highs have a snarling quality that sounds somewhere between a broken Octavia and a dimed Fuzzface.

Of course, when you do crank the “More” knob all the way up, this pedal reaches its final form. It sounds like no other fuzz on the planet. The closest analogue I could think of is this: back in his early days with Crazy Horse, Neil Young would run his tweed Fender Deluxe so hot that he had to put a massive fan behind it to keep it from exploding into a rock and roll fireball when he played live. This pedal does a scary-good impersonation of a tweed amp on the verge of catastrophic meltdown, but it has a little bit less sag and a little fuller frequency response. Rolling off your guitar’s volume knob allows you to find all sorts of delightful tones that straddle the line between fuzz and overdrive, making this a surprisingly versatile pedal.

The Sound of Pure Rock and Roll

The Golden Fleece has made quite an impression among the Wildwood staff members because of its brash personality and surprising versatility. Sonically, it is the exact opposite of pure, but its purpose is clear and righteous: to make your electric guitar sound like it is on the verge of spontaneous combustion. We’re proud to showcase such a gnarly pedal, and we invite you to clothe yourself in its delightfully wooly, golden fuzz.

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