When a master craftsman builds an instrument by hand all by themselves from start to finish, it imbues the instrument with a special brand of magical mojo that is easy to see, hear, and feel but hard to quantify. They reflect the individual personality of the builder so much that they attain distinctly human quality that makes them feel like an old friend from the moment you pick them up. It’s almost as if they have souls of their own, and nowhere is this soulfulness more evident than in our collection of Fender Masterbuilt instruments.

Each of the instruments you see on this page is the product of decades of hard work and an endless supply of passion. The twelve people who currently hold the title of Masterbuilder have all spent years learning the ropes from the masters that came before them until they climbed the ranks and reached the upper echelon of elite guitar builders. They are some of the most adept craftspeople in the industry, and their skilled hands imbue the instruments they build with the sort of dynamic response and expressiveness that you normally only find in vintage instruments.

Though many of Fender’s Masterbuilt Guitars pay homage to the past—after all, what’s cooler than a ’61 Strat or a ’51 Nocaster?—the Masterbuilders also have a proud legacy of innovation. Their groundbreaking research and development have led to all sorts of cool new pickups, bridges and new models—see Ron Thorn’s California Special shape or Carlos Lopez’s Marauder and Brawler shapes for evidence. So, you might very well see the beginning of a new chapter in Fender history on this very page!

The guitars below have been built to the exacting standards of some of the most meticulous craftspeople in the world, and they each have a heart and soul that reflect the personality of their builder. We’re proud to present our selection of Masterbuilt Fenders, and we know their timeless tone and superior playability will provide you with years and years of musical joy.