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Hi everyone at Wildwood Guitars,

My girlfriend recently purchased a Gibson 1963 ES 335 TDC in Cherry from Wildwood Guitars and it arrived yesterday, on time and on schedule.
Steve S. was the salesperson who guided her and I through the purchase process and answered the multitude of questions we had about the specific instrument we had picked out.

Regarding Steve S. – he was just a sweetheart and was extremely helpful and very pleasant. We made a few calls to him during the process and he made us feel welcome with every call. It was a wonderful experience dealing with Steve and he represents your company VERY WELL!! He’s a keeper!! And thanks for the Wildwood Guitars Tee shirts too!!

Regarding the ES335 – it is beautiful! It looks as good-if not better- than the pictures of it on your website. It plays like a dream and sounds great!! I’ve named it after my girlfriend in her honor.

It goes right to the top of my collection of 30 some guitars!!!!!

Thank You Steve S. and Wildwood Guitars for a very pleasant and successful buying experience.

PS – Please tell Greg, your Youtube guitar demonstrator that he is a monster player and a pleasure to watch.

Gery H.


I have been searching for a new SG Supreme for a little over a year. Most of the ones I found on eBay were busted up or being sold for parts. I placed an order with Guitar Center in Atlantic City for the last one in Nashville,TN on a weekend. I got a call late Monday night saying that I didn’t get it. I was really upset. My girlfriend Sarah immediately went on a search to find the guitar that I have been looking for. She found one in Colorado, at Wildwood Guitars. I called right away and a fella named Brian answered and proceeded to give me the best customer service I have ever gotten. I have him my number and he sent pictures of the guitar right away. I was floored by the top of this SG and called back within the hour to purchase it. I just got the guitar today and it is everything I wanted. They set the action the way that I wanted and it was packed perfectly. These guys are the real deal!!! I will definitely buy from them again!

Dante D.

For those following my ES 335 adventure, I have had the most wonderful experience out here in Colorado. You know that I’m not usually at a loss for words. But the treatment I received today at a Wildwood Guitars is something rare indeed. I have never, ever experienced such service, respect, depth of knowledge and downright friendliness in any retail guitar store. Anywhere. Troy Benns put over 20 exceptional 335s in my hands today. Each perfectly set up. Multiple examples across Gibson’s entire range of ES 335 guitars. Every price point and construction. Every available finish. In a private room. Troy’s knowledge is profound. And he’s a great player. He gets it. And they took me to lunch.

I culled 20 instruments down to 6 and then 3 and then settled on the best player I’ve ever played. INCLUDING the dozens of vintage ones over the years. It took hours. And it was an absolute pleasure working with Wildwood.

At the end of an eleven hour trip, and a full day at Wildwood, I am finally satisfied 120% with a purchase.

-George P

I wanted to add my response as a testimonial to the quality of the experience with Wildwood, and John Brandow. I have been buying and selling guitars for many years, and this is the best experience I have ever had. John was great, and every aspect of the experience was great from the phone call to opening the box and examining the guitar. You are a dealer I can trust, and I will look to you first the next time I want an instrument!


Wildwood Guitars went above and beyond for me during this transaction. During there final setup and check they discovered something with the neck that concerned them, that would potentially cause issues several years from now. They took upon themselves to contact Gibson getting a brand new guitar to replace the used one that I had purchased. I cannot say how much I appreciate and am impressed with them going this extra mile. I will go out of my way to do business with them again. Thank You!

Aaron S

To the staff at Wildwood:

My Tyler Studio Elite HD (Candy Yellow Lemon Shmear) arrived today and I would be remiss if I didn’t drop you guys a note to tell you how much I love it. The finish, the workmanship, THE TONE! Not only is this the finest guitar I’ve ever owned (and I’ve had some great stuff), it’s the finest guitar I’ve ever PLAYED.

Most importantly though I wanted to thank you for the great service and attention. I chose Wildwood on reputation alone and you did not disappoint. I’m sure you can appreciate that buying a high-end guitar that you’ve never played from a store you’ve never done business with (in another country to boot) is a test of trust. You have earned that trust (and then some) with your professionalism and confidence-inspiring service. I will not hesitate to recommend Wildwood to others and I know we will do business again in the future (you know….when I pay this one off). 🙂

Thanks for a great guitar and a wonderful experience.

Best regards (with sore fingers),



I actually received the Wildwood “10” ’50s Stratocaster last Friday, so one day turnaround is pretty great service. I have been playing the guitar all weekend (yesterday too). Just as you said, it is a wonderful guitar. The tone is beautiful and this Strat is extremely comfortable to hold (it is so effortless to play). I can’t imagine a better combination of guitars than this Strat and the Wildwood “10” Tele that I purchased earlier. They are very complimentary. My dilemma is that I can only play one at a time! These Wildwood “10” guitars are very special and are really works of art. Generally, I’m not really into material things, but now my wife jokes that I finally understand how much she loves her antique furniture.

Thanks again for a great customer service experience. I spent my career as a portfolio manager and research analyst and looked at many, many companies over the years. Excellent service is actually a rare thing. I can tell you that Wildwood does things the right way.

Please give my regards to Bruce and Lance.

Paul W.
Seal Beach, California

Dear Steve,

I want to thank you again for all the great service you and your staff provided when I was shopping for a Martin guitar.

In this competitive business world where everyone has the same product, the only thing a business can offer in order to stand out is service and in this area you reign supreme.

As a novice guitarist I was always intimidated when I went to look at guitars. I wasn’t experienced enough to sit and play various models to determine which was best suited for me. I also was somewhat embarrassed to ask a salesperson to play a bunch of different models for me. So shopping for a guitar became a chore until I found Wildwood.

Also, I had a Rodriguez classical guitar that none of the other stores would even consider taking as a trade and some didn’t even know what it was. Not so at Wildwood. You were not only willing to consider it for trade but also, after examining it, offered a very fair price for it.

But most importantly, it was the friendly, no pressure atmosphere that was felt as soon as I walked in the door that hooked me on your store. You took all the time I needed to evaluate various models. You played each one for me so I could hear the difference. You helped me make a decision by contributing your expertise and never once even tried to “sell” me anything. You and your staff exude a love of the instrument that overshadows any sales technique that others try to use.

But the topper was the fact that even after spending all the time with me and playing so many different models, you were willing, without hesitation, to order a D16R model that you didn’t have in stock so I could compare that one as well. In my opinion, this goes above and beyond the call of duty. Plus even with all the good service, your price was the best anywhere.

I have told every musician I know (even friends out of state) about your store and gave out your web address.

I love my new Martin D16R and would not have it had it not been for you and your great staff.


Mel O.
Berthoud, CO

Hello Steve and Bruce,

First, let me thank you for the amazing Strat you sold me. Your service is second to none; what a pleasure it was working on the purchase of my 60’s Sonic Blue Wildwood 10 Strat with Bruce.

When I received the delivery and opened the box I was amazed by the look, feel, and tone of the instrument (by the way that was before I even plugged it in). Then I fired up my 18 watt combo, turned up the volume and it was all she wrote!

This strat is by far the BEST custom shop strat I have ever owned. So much so that I have sold my ’56 Relic Vintage Blonde, ’60 Relic Fiesta Red, and ’65 Relic Surf Green Strats. I just did not love them the way I love this Wildwood 10.

The feel, look, and tone of this guitar is outstanding and the necks and fretwork are perfect. The pickups are clear and bell like when played clean and when you fire up some overdrive or fuzz man they scream — no mud here! Just clear bell like tones. Standard custom shop guitars cannot hold a candle to these Wildwood 10s. You guys did a great job here and your service is the best.

Thanks again,

Wayne A.
New York


I received the guitar and everything is great. The Tom Anderson Atom is even nicer than described and plays like a dream. I wanted to thank you and your staff for answering all my questions and even doing a “live” phone demo for me. I also wanted to thank you for shipping the guitar out the same day even though you guys were in the middle of a large shipment of Fender guitars.

I have purchased gear from a lot of different places and I have never experienced this level of service. Your friendliness and ability to make sure the customer is satisfied goes way beyond the competition out there. I will keep checking your website and I hope to purchase more Wildwood.

Thanks Again!

Aurora, IL