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Leave Your Amp At Home.

Nothing reveals the true nature of your guitar and your playing like a world-class tube amp driving a perfectly matched speaker cabinet in a great sounding room. Now there is a pedal that truly delivers that sound and feel, with simple controls for effortlessly dialing in the perfect amp tone when going direct. Discover inspiring tube amp responsiveness, unprecedented impulse response speaker cabinet realism, and controllable natural sounding room ambience.

Go Direct With Gorgeous Tone.

Iridium gives you three iconic amplifiers, with a total of nine impulse response speaker cabinets that complement the tonality of the amp. Skip the hassle of lugging around or miking amps. Place Iridium on your pedalboard and send gorgeous stereo amplifier tones, stunningly realistic cabs, and lush room ambience direct to a recording interface or PA system. With Iridium, it’s a snap to dial in a direct tone that will truly inspire and sound great whether you are monitoring through in-ears, floor wedges, reference monitors, or studio headphones.

Three amplifier models crafted using Matrix Modeling™, capturing the subtleties and unique tonal qualities of each amp

• Round Amp – based on* a Fender® Deluxe Reverb®
• Chime Amp – based on* the Brilliant channel of a Vox® AC30
• Punch Amp – based on* a Marshall® Plexi (Super Lead model number 1959)

Nine Impulse Response speaker cabinets, 24bit / 96kHz 500ms Stereo (three per amp type), pre-loaded with a curated set of IRs:

• Deluxe Reverb 1×12″ by OwnHammer
• Blues Junior® 1×12″ by CabIR
• Vibrolux® 2×10″ by CabIR
• AC30 2×12″AlNiCo by OwnHammer
• 1×12″ AlNiCo by Celestion®
• Mesa® 4×12″ by Valhallir
• GNR 4×12″ by OwnHammer
• 2×12″ Vintage 30 by Celestion
• Marshall® 8×12″AlNiCo by CabIR

Load your own impulse responses using Strymon Impulse Manager software

Hybrid IR/algorithmic Room control with selectable small, medium, and large rooms

Simple, responsive amp-style controls for Drive, Level, Bass, Middle, and Treble

Premium stereo high impedance discrete JFET analog front end with up to 22dB of pure analog gain

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