One has only to look at Ernie Ball Music Man’s diverse roster of artists to get a sense of how universally appealing their instruments are. Musicians from nearly every genre and style are part of the Ernie Ball Music Man family. Studio session maestros like Steve Lukather and Tony Levin, art house indie geniuses like St. Vincent and Nate Query of The Decemberists, gnarly punk rockers like Stephen Edgerton of the Descendants and Mike Herrera of MxPx, groovemasters like Stefan Lessard of the Dave Matthews Band and Bowie bassist Gail Ann Dorsey, classic rock titans like Cliff Williams of AC/DC and Joe Walsh, and metallic shredlords like John Petrucci all are proud to use Ernie Ball Music Man guitars. No matter where you live on the musical map, one thing’s for sure: you’ll feel at home when you have an Ernie Ball Music Man guitar in your hands.

It’s no secret why their instruments are so popular: they’re built with a unique combination of cutting-edge technology and old-world elbow grease. Though their manufacturing line incorporates robotic technology that looks like it came straight out of Star Wars, each instrument still receives the sort of tender love and care that can only come from skilled craftsmen working with their hands. So, Ernie Ball Music Man guitars have incredible playability that stems from their precise, state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and extensive R&D, but they still have the kind of mojo tonehounds spend their whole lives chasing because of the individual attention each instrument receives from their master luthiers.

We are proud to welcome Ernie Ball to the Wildwood family. We know that as soon as you try one, you’ll agree that they give discerning players the best of both worlds. Precision and mojo, together in perfect harmony. We invite you to browse our selection of inspiring Ernie Ball Music Man instruments below–we’re sure you’ll find one that will blow your mind!