Built To Inspire.

From their humble beginnings modding pedals to their evolution into a full-fledged production line, Wampler Pedals have certainly grown leaps and bounds over the last several years, thanks to the forward thinking philosophy of CEO Brian Wampler. Brian’s business began with a curiosity for what a pedal could be, tweaking and modding pedals to achieve the tones he himself was longing for. Ultimately, tweaking and modding existing pedals wasn’t cutting it for Brian, so he set out to build all-new designs with fresh new tones, resulting in the birth of Wampler Pedals. Wildwood Guitars has been absolutely blown away by these phenomenal pedals, with some of the best “amp in a box” tones on the market, as well as some of the most musical and usable time based effects we’ve had the privilege of playing. From the incredible overdriven sounds of the Paisley Drive to the phenomenal Faux Tape Echo, we’re sure you’ll fall in love with Wampler Pedals just as we have.