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The Xotic Soul Driven overdrive is a pedal with the soul of a tube amp! The Soul Driven was borne of a partnership between Xotic effects and session guitarist extraordinaire Allen Hinds, and it was designed to react to the player's touch just like a real tube amp. The results are simply stunning! This pedal is quite sensitive to the player's touch, and you can get a wide variety of overdrive sounds without even touching a single knob--just vary the way you attack the strings, and you'll marvel at the wide variety of timbres this pedal adds to your tonal palette. This pedal does have an active mid-boost knob, which is a fantastic tool. If the mix is too thick, one flick of the wrist will have you punching right through whatever sonic madness is going on around you. You can put this pedal in front of just about any amp and feel confident that you'll get a dynamic, natural overdriven sound. It's not easy to cram a half-stack's worth of mojo into a box this tiny, but our friends at Xotic did it with aplomb and we couldn't be happier to share the results with our exceptional customers.

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