The Remix

Awhile back, the Wildwood team was idly brainstorming during some rare downtime, and we though "Wouldn't it be cool if Gretsch did a relic'd guitar with a Fender-style Pink Paisley finish?" So, our web guy did a mock-up of our idea with some photo-editing software, and we sent it off to Gretsch without thinking anything of it. Of course, because the kind people at the Gretsch Custom Shop are some of the raddest folks on the planet, they were so excited that they offered to build a Paisley Duo Jet. That one turned out so cool that we couldn't help but drop a little remix, Penguin-style. Why? Because the concept of a pink paisley Penguin is inherently cool!

As far as I can tell, this is the first and only example of a Penguin in this finish, and its tone and versatility match its rarity. The three TV Jones Classic pickups have all the classic Gretsch quack, jangle, sparkle, and growl you'll ever need, and the three switches on the upper bout allow you to tweak your sound to your heart's content. The tone switch allows you to get brighter bite or delectable musical muddy warmth, and you can also add in the middle pickup for different flavors. Of course, this pugnacious Penguin also sports the same incredible build quality we expect from Gretsch's mad genius masterbuilders, so its playability and unplugged resonance are top-notch.

A pink paisley Penguin sounds like something out of a nonsensical nursery rhyme, but this guitar is anything but absurd from an aesthetic and sonic standpoint. We're sure that this rare bird will provide endless inspiration to the Gretsch fanatic lucky enough to take her home.


Brand Gretsch
ModelMasterbuilt Penguin Relic
Finish ColorPink Paisley
Weight9.05 lbs.
Master BuilderStephen Stern
Top WoodArched Laminated Maple
Body WoodChambered Mahogany Body
Neck WoodMahogany
Neck ShapeStandard
Neck Dimensions.850 1st - .940 9th
Fingerboard InlaysPearloid Thumbnails
Nut MaterialBone
Pickups3 TV Jones Classic Filtertrons
ControlsMaster Vol, Master Tone, Neck Vol, Bridge Vol, P/U Selector Switch, Tone Switch, Middle Pickup Engage Switch
TunersGrover Imperial
CaseGrey Hardshell Case

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Serial Number: UC18071677

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