Condition of Instrument

This Teye was originally sold by Wildwood and is in excellent condition with a very small amount of bleeding in the neck binding. Includes the original SKB gig bag.

An Animal All Their Own

Teye Guitars are made in Nashville by master builder Teye, blending classic elements with beautifully engraved metal pieces, creating ornate masterpieces with unique styling and vibe. The Teye Guitar philosophy speaks for itself: “Every guitar maker on Earth has the same goals: to make an honest living at building guitars and basses that inspire the players that buy them and that will be a source of personal pride for the builder. I am no different, those are exactly my goals.” Teye’s philosophy reflects his unwavering devotion to phenomenal instruments and the care required to craft them. Exceptional tone woods, premium pickup configurations, and quality hardware come together with a unique, artistic flare that will certainly turn heads. Wildwood Guitars is honored and humbled to present these unique instruments to our exceptional customers. The Wildwood Staff is certain that these treasures from Teye will do exactly as he intended: inspire our exceptional customers for a lifetime. We think you’ll agree, there’s nothing quite as unique as a Teye.

"The name The Magpie Salute comes from a superstition based in the UK… There are many variations, but the version I’m drawn to is the belief that if you see a Magpie, you would do well to salute it ‘to ward off negativity, or to have a good day.’ The way you salute the Magpie, based on some traditions is to say ‘Good Mornin’ Captain.’ The reason we salute is to show we’re unarmed, or what I like to say is ‘we come in peace.’ The Magpie falls within the Crow umbrella of species, figuratively and literally. Magpies can be black and white which represents the light and the dark. I figured all of these things touch on many aspects of my life and this experience." - Rich Robinson


Brand Used
ModelMagpie Salute Rich Robinson Signature - Handmade in Nashville
Finish ColorTeye’s hand-rubbed Luthier’s oil finish
Weight8.57 lbs
Body WoodSelect 3-Piece Mahogany
Neck WoodSelect Mahogany
Neck ShapeStandard
Neck Dimensions.840 1st - .920 12th
FingerboardBound Ebony
Fingerboard Radius10" to 16" - Compound
InlaysGraphtech Tusq
Scale Length25.5"
Width at Nut1.75"
PickupsCustom Wound DiMarzio humbuckers
ControlsTeye’s Proprietary Circuitry 2-Volume, Master Tone and Mood-Knobs
TailpieceProprietary Teye SuperSustain
TunersGrover Super Rotomatic Imperials
CaseSKB Deluxe Hard Gig Bag

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Wildwood Pre-Owned
Serial Number: TMF1032

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