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A Tube Amp's Best Friend

Wildwoodians, we are pleased to introduce Suhr's revamped Reactive Load Impulse Box to your tube amps, because we think they'll become best friends quickly. This marvelous multi-purpose tool performs a host of useful functions for studio sessions, live gigs, and bedroom practice. Basically, it works like this: you plug your guitar into your tube amp, then run the speaker output into the Suhr Reactive Load/I.R. Once the signal hits the Reactive Load, Suhr's fantastic impulse response technology performs its magic.

Follow Your Impulses

Essentially, impulse response is an audiophile-quality form of cabinet simulation. It is sample-based technology that does a pitch-perfect impersonation of a variety of mic'd up speaker cabinets. The Reactive Load/I.R. comes pre-loaded with sixteen impulse responses that simulate different cabinet, speaker, and microphone configurations. So, you can swap from the sound of a roaring 4x12 cabinet with Celestion Greenbacks mic'd up with an SM57 to the more mannered sound of a 1x12 with a Vintage 30 mic'd up with an SM57 and a Royer 121 with a simple turn of a knob. And, if you desire more sonic colors for your palette, have no fear: the Reactive Load/I.R. is an open system. You can load whatever third-party impulse response your heart desires using the USB port.

The preloaded impulse responses have all the spectacular sound quality that we've come to expect from Suhr. In fact, they're nearly indistinguishable from actual mic'd up cabinets! Furthermore, the Reactive Load technology does a superb job of maintaining the feel of playing through a cabinet. You can feel every little detail and nuance of the cabinet without making any noise! Once the signal goes through all of this circuitry, you can send it to a recording interface, mixer, or headphone output using the built-in DI.

A Magnificent Recording Tool

There are many situations in which the Suhr Reactive Load/IR will come in handy. First, it's an excellent home recording tool. Recording guitars is never easy. To get a great sound, you have to have a big enough room in a quiet surrounding environment, and you have to avoid angering your neighbors! With the Suhr Reactive Load/IR, you can crank your Bassman or your JCM800 all the way up and capture a thick, rich tone at three in the morning if you want to. It makes recording easier and more practical (and it makes capturing big amp sounds a whole lot easier!)

Practice Makes Perfect

It's also great for silent practice thanks to its headphone output. If you've ever had the itch to play late at night and settled for using a typical headphone amp, you know that they can sound somewhat less than inspiring. Now, you can have the feel and sound of a real tube amp in a room at any time of the day, and you don't have to wake up your significant other, kids, or neighbors! It also has an 1/8" auxiliary input, so you can connect your favorite music-playing device and jam along to your favorite songs or backing tracks.

Become the Sound Guy's Best Friend

The Suhr Reactive Load/IR is a live workhorse, too. Getting a great live guitar sound can be an absolutely maddening endeavor because there are so many factors that can take your perfectly dialed tone and ruin it. The room might be too boomy, or the sound guy may need you to turn your amp down and render your tone anemic, or the low end from the kick drum may bleed into the mic on your cabinet.

With this magical box, you can render all of those concerns null and void. You can simply run your head into the Suhr Reactive Load/I.R., hand the sound guy a cable running from the DI, tell him to plug it into the mixer, and you're golden. You can use the monitors for stage volume, and rest assured knowing that the tone of your amp will come through cleanly and clearly through the house speakers (and if there are no monitors, there is a way to run the Reactive Load/I.R. with a cab for stage volume). The sound guy will thank you for making his life easier, and your band's mix will be better for it. Not to mention, it's a whole lot lighter than a speaker cabinet, so loading in and out will be much easier on your back!

Tube Tone With No Hassle

We are proud to present such a useful tool to our exceptional customers. Whether you're gigging, recording, or practicing, the Suhr Reactive Load/I.R. will allow you to get roaring tube tone without any of the accompanying hassle. We invite you to give it a spin and discover how it can make your life easier.


Brand Suhr
Speaker Input Imepdance8 Ohms
Balanced Line Output Impedance600Ω (Maximum)
Unbalanced Line Output Impedance600Ω (Maximum)
Maximum Recommended Input Power100 Watts RMS
Included Speaker Impulse ResponsesBadger 1x12 - Celestion Vintage 30
PT 2x12 - Celestion Creamback
Hedgehog 2x12 - Celestion G12-65
Suhr 4x12 - Celestion Greenback
Suhr 4x12 - Celestion Vintage 30
Bella 1x12 - Celestion V-Type
Power SupplyIncluded. 9Vdc, center negative, 2.1mm x 5.5mm

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