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Cover All The Bases

The Vox Mini Go covers all the bases from practice to live performance—at home, in concert venues or out on the streets.

The Vox Mini Go 10 guitar amp can be taken with you anywhere you go, letting you enjoy playing anywhere, whether at home, on the street or in a concert venue.

This amp is lightweight, compact, and can be powered by a mobile battery. It also offers powerful and realistic amp models based on those found in the Cambridge50, as well as a newly developed vocoder for talking modulation effects, onboard effects that let you create a diverse range of sounds, a mic input, AUX input, a headphone jack and a rhythm machine that can play back patterns from many genres…all as standard features. This model also includes a looper, which you can use along with the effects and rhythm machine to add variation to your solo performance.


Amp models based on those found in the VOX Cambridge 50
Built-in effects add color to the guitar sound
Rhythm machine makes playing even more fun!
Built-in looper functionality
Features a variety of input/output jacks—great for playing and singing solo!
Can be powered by a mobile battery—the perfect choice for street performance as well
Selectable power amp wattage
Amp and effect settings can be saved
Use a VFS3 footswitch to control various features such as the rhythms and looper
Tilt-back mechanism makes the amp easy to use as a monitor while

Amp Models Based on those Found in the VOX Cambridge 50

The amp models used to define the sound of the VOX MINI GO series use the “VET” modeling technology used on the VOX Cambridge50, which offers a realistic and responsive sound. Selectable amp models include the traditional VOX AC30 type, an amp stack model representative of the ’80s, a boutique amp, and a high-gain amp with massive distortion. The LINE setting is useful when plugging in an electric acoustic guitar or keyboard.

A new and unique vocoder has been added for “talking modulation” effects that sound as if you’re playing a talking guitar, which you can use by playing the guitar while singing or talking into the mic (or while you’re picking the guitar strings, if you don’t have a mic connected).

Amp models:

Built-in Effects Add Color to the Guitar Sound

The effects on the VOX MINI GO series have been revamped for a clearer sound that matches the sound of modern-day music with more precise modeling, which also lets you create a wider range of sounds. Effects types available include chorus, phaser and octave. Including the delay/reverb type, this gives you a total of eight effect types.

Effect types
EFFECTS 1 (Modulation types/Octave)

EFFECTS 2 (Delay/Reverb types)

Feel the Rhythm

The built-in rhythm patterns on this series cover various genres and metronome types. There are three variations for each genre, for a total of 33 types of rhythm patterns.

Use the selector to easily call up a rhythm pattern and then freely adjust the tempo and volume to effortlessly enjoy a rhythm-backed jam session, develop some riff ideas, or work on your sense of rhythm—there are so many ways to enjoy these amps.


Power Up With A Mobile Battery

The VOX MINI GO series can be powered either by a commercially available mobile battery or with the included AC adapter. These amps are the perfect choice for street performances and performing outdoors as well. Use the attached carrying strap to easily take the amp with you wherever you go and have fun playing guitar at any place, any time.

Sing and Play Live

Aside from an input jack for your guitar, these amps also feature a variety of other input/output jacks. You can adjust the volume for the mic input and also apply delay/reverb effects to the input signal, which is optimal for situations like playing and singing solo. Also, you can select the VOCODER amp model for a talking modulation effect that sounds as if you’re playing a talking guitar, which you can use by playing the guitar while singing or talking into the mic.

The amp also features an AUX IN jack for your music player or other external sound sources, which gives you three simultaneous input channels including the signals from your guitar and mic.

Further, this amp has a built-in cabinet simulator, which you can hear through the PHONES jack. This cab sim adds the characteristics of a guitar amp cabinet to the output signal just before it reaches the power amp. This is perfect when recording to an audio recorder or when practicing in headphones.

Loop Away!

The looper on these amps lets you loop the playback of phrases you record with your guitar or mic and then play along for a jam session, or overdub again and again in real-time performance.

When using the looper along with the rhythm machine and then recording while the rhythm pattern plays, the length of the loop when you stop recording is adjusted (quantized) to match the length of the measure. Also, when you play a rhythm pattern while the looper is playing, the tempo of the rhythm is automatically set to match the loop’s length.

Use the optional VFS3 (sold separately) to freely mix the three-loop modes while you play.
Mode 1: Record → playback → overdub…
Mode 2: Record → overdub → playback…
Mode 3: Clear the previous phrase and record → playback
*Only mode 1 can be used while operating the VOX MINI GO without a footswitch.

Selectable Power Amp Wattage

Switch between three stages: FULL, 1/10, or 1/100. This lets you make quick adjustments to the volume to match your playing environment.

Save Your Favorite Presets

You can adjust the amp and effect settings to create sounds that can be saved in one of three user programs. The saved programs can be easily recalled by pressing the PROGRAM button on the amp, or by using a VFS3 footswitch (sold separately).

Use a VFS3 footswitch to control various features such as the rhythms and looper
Connect a VF3 footswitch (sold separately) to control the following functions.
– Rhythm: on/off, variation select, tempo setting, etc.
– Effects: on/off, delay/reverb time
– Looper: controls such as recording/playback/overdubbing
– Switching between programs (only on the MINI GO 50)

Amp Models



40-240 BPM

Looper Recording Time
0.25-45 Sec

E Tuner
E1-e6 (41.2 Hz-1318.5 Hz)

Input Jack, Mic-in Jack, Aux-in Jack, Phones Jack, Foot Sw Jack, Dc Jack, Dc 5v in Jack

Output Power
Max 10 W RMS 16 Ohms

6.5 Inch 16 Ohms

Power Supply
Ac Adaptor (DC 12v) or Mobile Battery (DC 5V – Commercially Available)

Power Consumption
1 A

Mobile Battery
5 V/3 A

Dimensions (W X D X H)
296 X 210 X 294 MM / 11.65″ X 8.27″ X 11.57″

4.5 KG/9.92 lbs.

Included Items
AC Adaptor (Dc 12v), Carrying Strap.

Accessories (Sold Separately)
VFS3 Foot Switch

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