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Handwired Heaven

If you've ever wanted a small, portable combo amp that produces exquisite vintage tone with incredible touch-sensitivity using simple controls, look no further than the 1974x from Marshall's handwired amplifier series. It's a meticulous modern recreation of one of Marshall's most legendary combo amps, and it speaks with a pitch-perfect vintage voice--almost like a mini-Bluesbreaker! Two EL84 power tubes, three ECC83 preamp tubes, and one EZ81 rectifier tube join forces to produce sweet, chiming cleans at low volumes and rich, roaring vintage crunch at higher volumes.

At about four on the volume dial, the 1974x can jangle and twang with the best of them. Past that, you get all kinds of killer overdriven and distorted sounds. With the volume on ten, you'll know why Angus Young uses this amp nowadays! The tone knob is also quite useful, and there are many various sonic colors for your palette at various points on the dial. The Celestion Heritage G12M-20 speaker emphasizes the circuits strong points and helps the midrange sound rich and vocal while adding warmth and definition to the lows and articulation to the highs. Best of all, it's only 18 watts, so you can crank it without disturbing the structural integrity of your house. As an added bonus, it has a killer tremolo circuit if you want to get swampy!

The Marshall 1974x is so much fun to play through that it may make you neglect your duties and responsibilities as a human being in favor of rocking out. Whether you're using it as a secret weapon in the studio, miking it up to get some real power amp distortion at a gig, or turning your living room into the Royal Albert Hall, we have no doubt its tone will inspire you and unlock your creativity. We invite you to crank one of these bad boys up and take a trip to handwired heaven!

Model: 1974x
Range: Handwired
Technology: Valve
Output wattage: 18 watts
Outputs: 2 x 1/4" jack speaker outputs, selectable 16Ω/ 8Ω / 4Ω load
Inputs: 4 (2 x High & 2 x Low)
Controls: Channel 1: tremolo speed, tremolo intensity, tone, volume. Channel 2: tone, volume.
Effects: Footswitchable Tremolo
Effects Loop: No
Speaker Model: Celestion Heritage G12M-20 (16Ω, 20W)
Preamp valves: 3 x ECC83 (Two preamp tubes, 1 phase splitter)
Power amp valves: 2 x EL84
Rectifier: 1 x EZ81
Footswitch: None
Cable: Detachable power cable and speaker cable included
Dust Cover: M-COVR-00056 (sold separately)
Weight: 19 kg / 42 lbs.
Width: 610 mm / 24"
Height: 535 mm / 21.1"
Depth: 230 mm / 9.1"

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Serial Number: M-1974X-U
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