The AD4096 is a flexible and unique sounding analog delay that includes never before seen features and functionality. The delay voice is a familiar dusky analog delay, while the echo is a filtered voice that echoes the delay line with a soft doubled effect that carries a glittery lo-fi halo of harmonic sound dust. Mixing the delay and echo voices provides an incredible variety of sonic possibilities.

Infinity mode is analog delay loop function, that gradually shifts and decays into the dominant tone of what has played. Inspired by classic tape delay sounds, infinity mode subtly adds character in the form of harmonic clouds that grow and drift creating incredible soundscapes.

Spill-over and other special functions can be achieved using the switchable aux output jack. Using infinity mode, the aux output can be used to play with the loop. Even when bypassed the loop will continue as you play alongside. Alternately, aux output can be switched to split the input signal to allow interesting flexibility in your signal chain.

Expand puts delay feedback oscillation at the touch of a button for creative expression and emphasis. The expand footswitch is a momentary type footswitch that allows this feature to be so expressive.


Time: Controls the delay time from approximately 40-400MS

Depth: Controls the Number of repeats from a single echo to feedback oscillation

Delay: Controls the level of delay signal

Echo: Controls the level of echo signal

Mode Switch: Selects Normal or Infinite mode

Expand Footswitch: Is a momentary switch that instantly increases depth to 100% for controlled, expressive feedback oscilllation.

Bypass Footswitch: True Bypass footswitch.

Aux: Can be switched to provide a "wet" output of the effect or "dry" to split the input signal.

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Serial Number: EARAD4096