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All Hail the Tremlord

Attention, Wildwoodians! All hail the Tremlord! This regal thirty-watt 1x12 combo from our friends at Orange presents an entirely new flavor of Orange tone; in fact, Orange's technical director Ade Emsley says it's "like the amp Orange never made in the first place." Thanks to its fresh and exciting voice and sweet tube-driven built-in effects, the Tremlord is full of musically-inspiring tones, and it has several innovative features that maximize functionality to the nth degree. Let's take a closer look at what makes the Tremlord so special!

A New Shade of Orange

The Tremlord has one channel with a powerful two-band EQ, two tremolo volumes that you can toggle between with a footswitch, a tremolo depth control, and reverb. It uses this simple, intuitive setup to achieve a wide palette of sounds that are not typically associated with Orange. Until you hit noon on the volume dial, it stays quite clean, and what a delicious clean sound it is! It has sweet, chiming, sparkling highs above tight low-end and vocal, chewy midrange. It's a gorgeous sound for all things rootsy: country, blues, folk-rock, and all things in between. Think of the Allman Brothers, the Grateful Dead, and Hendrix's Little Wing as reference points.

It also works marvelously for jazz thanks to its warm midrange response. At about eleven o'clock or noon, it's plenty loud enough to compete with a drummer, and it works fantastically as a pedal platform. And, it has a post-tremolo, pre-reverb tube-buffered effects loop, so you can get great tone from all your favorite pedals. So, if you want to get your dirt from stompboxes and have a delectable clean sound, the Tremlord 30 will work beautifully for you.

Delicious Distortion

At around 2 o'clock, you start to get a little bit of hair on the sound. The top-end has a wonderful ringing bell-like clang, the midrange grows some fangs and begins to bite, and the low-end starts to growl. It's an awesome rootsy, crunchy sound with just the right amount grit, and it calls to mind the sounds of the Stones, the Yardbirds, and other British bands that put their spin on the blues. When you crank it all the way up, the bass fattens, the midrange gets wider, and the trebles sizzle--a swampy sound reminiscent of CCR and classic cranked-amp sounds of vintage American blues. At all volumes, clean and dirty, the Tremlord 30 is quite touch-sensitive, and you can manipulate its response with your technique to get a wide range of timbres.

Talkin' Trem

Speaking of swampy, let's talk tremolo. The Tremlord 30 has true tube bias tremolo, which means that it modulates the bias of the power tubes to create swells and dips in volume. This gives it a lush, pulsing sound so authentic you'd swear it was born on the bayou! Tube bias tremolo is also incredibly dynamic. The harder you play, the less tremolo you get. The softer you play, the more tremolo you get. So, you can control the response of the amp with your picking hand! This makes for an incredibly expressive playing experience as the amp "breathes" with pick attack.

If you get good at playing with a tube bias tremolo amp, it feels almost like an extension of your hand. And, as a cherry on top, the tremolo has two separate speed knobs, and you can use a footswitch to toggle between them, so you can have a slow and fast setting at the ready. Of course, the reverb sounds excellent too, thanks to its two-spring reverb tank driven by a 12AT7 tube and a custom transformer. It sounds expansive and three-dimensional, and it excels at adding subtle color and airiness as well as over-the-top cavernous sounds. And, if you put turn on the tremolo and reverb together, it's easy to get lost for hours in the atmosphere the Tremlord 30 creates.

Player-Friendly Appointments

Though the Tremlord 30 has tons of vintage vibe and character, it also has a couple of killer features that make life easier for modern players. First, it has Orange's beloved Headroom/Bedroom switch, which drops the wattage from 30 to 2. Second, it has a half-power mode that pulls two power tubes out of the circuit and drops the wattage to 15. You can also use the half-power setting in Bedroom mode and drop it down to one watt if you want more breakup lower on the volume dial. So, you can scale back your volume if you want to practice at neighbor-friendly volumes or if you're playing a gig at a smaller venue. This allows the Tremlord 30 to excel in all situations.

A Modern Classic

Wildwoodians, we are proud to present the Tremlord 30, an amp that provides an entirely new palette full of inspiring shades of Orange. Both its clean and cranked tones are evocative of all sorts of classic sounds from both sides of the Atlantic, and its reverb and tremolo create a lush, swirling world of sound that compels you to explore the fretboard in new ways. We invite you to plug in and discover firsthand the many inspirational tones waiting within this combo's tubes. Once you do, we have no doubt that you'll pledge fealty to the Tremlord!


Features: 30 Watt, 1x12 All Valve Combo Amplifier With Built-In Valve Tremolo With Two Footswitchable Speeds, A Two-Spring Reverb Tank (Footswitchable, On/Off), A Post-tremolo FX Loop, an Italian-designed Lavoce 12” Speaker, and a Headroom (30/15 Watts) Or Bedroom (2 Watts/1 Watt) Switch
Controls: Volume, Bass, Treble, Speed (Tremolo), 2nd Speed (Tremolo, Only Engaged With Footswitch), Depth (Tremolo), Reverb
Output Power: 30 Watts/15 Watts/2 Watts/1 Watts
Valves: Pre Amp – ECC81 (12AT7) X 2, ECC83 (12AX7) X 3,
Output: EL84 X 4
Speakers: 1 X 12” Lavoce Speaker
Extension Cabinet Options: Yes, See User Manual
Unboxed Dimensions (W X H X D): 57cm X 46cm X 28.5cm (22.44″ X 18.11″ X 11.22″)
Unboxed Weight: 24.09kgs (53.11 lbs.)

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