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Distinctly Retro. Uniquely Wonderful.

In a world of forgettable leather with little personality, Jaykco Straps stand out from the crowd with a look that’s uniquely wonderful and distinctly retro. Jaykco guitar straps are made with authentic, vintage fabrics and handcrafted with care by a mother and son design team in Kansas City, MO. From unique patterns and plaids to loud colors with vibrant personality, these Jaykco straps are a favorite here at Wildwood, and are wildly popular with our exceptional customers. It’s with great pleasure that we present these quirky, uniquely wonderful additions to Wildwood Guitars.

Heads and tails (ends) are double suede with stitched keyholes for durability and security. The back is a thick suede, with no vinyl or rivets to rip out.


Brand Jaykco
HeadBlack Suede
TailBlack Suede
TopShiny Roses
BackBlack Suede
Maximum Length55"

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