The ideal companion for the MV50, the BC108 is a compact, portable cabinet that is designed to enhance the low-frequency range to ensure rich, full guitar tone at any volume. The specially designed 8” speaker is mounted from the front, allowing for clearer tone and a wider dispersion of sound. Additionally, the cabinet has been designed with a semi-open back structure to ensure a tighter sound, especially in the low-frequency range. While compact and lightweight, the BC108 still offers plenty of volume and is perfect for at-home practice.

Max Input Power: 25 Watts RMS 8 Ohms
Speaker: 1 X 8″ Vox Original 8 Ohm
Inputs: 2 X Normal Input Jacks
Dimensions (W X D X H): 260 X 200 X 285 MM | 10.24 X 7.78 X 11.2 Inches
3.9KG | 8.60 lbs.

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Serial Number: BC108

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