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Tonal Evaluation

This '44 000-18 has the sort of voice that never really sounds out of place! Oftentimes, we Wildwoodians like to give our exceptional customers a rough idea of where a guitar's strengths lies. A seven foot-tall dude with a 40" vertical has the strengths necessary to excel at basketball, just as a dreadnought with rosewood back and sides has the strengths necessary for strumming. Then, you run into a guitar like this vintage Martin and it all goes out the window, because it can do everything!

This serial has a balanced, even voice with superb note separation and clarity, and it captures every little bit of the player's input. The attack makes a round, pillowy thoonk, after which you can hear the sort of expansive-yet-articulate low-end triple-0 enthusiasts spend their whole lives chasing. The midrange is broad, and it has a glorious pillowy warmth to it, while the trebles have rounded off with age--though its easy to get them to jangle like a church bell with heavier right-hand technique.

In other words, it has the sort of midrange-forward, balanced tone that sounds good in almost every context. It has enough headroom to handle a flatpick and the subtlety to impress even the pickiest fingerpicker. It has enough interesting things going on by itself that you could do a solo gig with it and get besieged by guitar nerds like me asking you questions about your guitar, but it also sits perfectly in the mix with other instruments. It's crisp and responsive enough for a bluegrass picker, yet it still has the right blend of warmth and clarity to appeal to jazz cats. See what I mean about it being able to do it all? In fact, its only glaring weakness may be its lack of glaring weaknesses! Anyone looking for a vintage Martin that can pull triple (or even quadruple) duty will find endless inspiration in this WWII-era Swiss Army Knife.

Condition of Instrument

This beautiful Martin is in exceptional shape for its age! It appears to have had a neck reset at some point long ago, though we suspect it'll be due again in another decade or so. The tuner buttons appear to have been replaced, though there's some chance the tuning machines themselves are original because they're in incredible shape. There's a top crack repair on the lower bout on the treble side. There's some small wear on the side of the headstock at the "D" string tuner and some cracking along the end of the pickguard. Includes hardshell case.


Brand Used
Model1944 Martin 000-18
Body FinishNitro (Original Finish)
Weight3.22 lbs
Top WoodAdirondack Sprue
Back & Sides WoodMahogany
Neck WoodMahogany
Neck ShapeOriginal "V"
BracingScalloped "X" Bracing
Neck Dimensions1st .830 - 9th .960
Fretboard MaterialBrazilian Rosewood
Scale Length24.9"
Nut Width1 11/16"
Nut MaterialEbony
RosetteStyle 18
BridgeBrazilian Rosewood
TunersOriginal Nickel Tuners
CaseNon-Original Hardshell

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Serial Number: 87916

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