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Before we dive into technical specs, let it be said that the ’57 Custom Champ is so much fun to play through that it might cause you to neglect important responsibilities like feeding yourself. It’s a five-watt hand-wired reissue of a tweed Fender champ from the fifties with a specially-designed eight-inch speaker and vintage-style capacitors, and it does a marvelous job of recreating the classic tone of the original. Low on the volume dial, it’s all classic round Fender cleans, with plenty of midrange warmth and high-end sweetness. Around noon on the volume knob, you’ll find the sweet spot for fat classic-rock drive sounds. And, if you dime it out, you get a gloriously thick, hairy, rich, fuzzy tone. If you’re seeking vintage vibe in a low-wattage amp, the ’57 Custom Champ will likely win your heart.

Control knobs: Chicken-Head Style Pointer - Black
Inputs: Two - (1/4", Input 2 operates at -6dB)
Rectifier: Tube (1 x 5Y3)
Preamp Tubes: 1 x 12AY7
Power Tubes: 1 x 6V6
Speakers: One - 8" Weber® Special Design with Alnico Magnet
Dimensions: 12.40x16.90x17.90 IN
Weight: 19.70 LB

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