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Attention, all acoustic guitar aficionados! The Wildwood team is brimming with excitement about our latest collaboration with the Martin Custom Shop: a new series of Wildwood Custom acoustic guitars. Why are we so geeked? Well, two of our favorite things in the entire world are basking in the glorious sound of a great Martin and providing our customers with exceptional value, and this run of Martins allows us the opportunity to do both! Let’s take a closer look and see why these guitars have won our hearts in record time.

Big Tone. Big Value

When we spec’d out these guitars, our goal was to build mighty guitars that could slay all comers in the acoustic arena while keeping them at a reasonable price point. So, we took some of our favorite standard Martin models and made a couple choice tonal tweaks to set them apart from the pack.

When we considered what type of sound to go for, the discussion was short and the decision was unanimous: we should try to emulate clear, crisp, woody tone of our favorite Martins from the forties and fifties. While our desire to keep the price point low trumped our desire to deck these guitars out with vintage-accurate appointments, we do believe that our choices regarding tonewood and bracing have imbued these guitars with the spirit of a vintage Martin.

Awesome Adirondack Action

To cop this vintage-style tone, we chose to equip these Martins with Adirondack spruce tops and non-scalloped Adirondack bracing. It’s no secret that we love Adirondack spruce to an unhealthy degree here at Wildwood, so let’s dive into the reasons for our obsession with this stellar tonewood.

Adirondack spruce produces a plethora of pleasing timbres. From the get-go, it gives the guitar a woody, percussive attack with piano-like roundness and an exceptionally wide dynamic range. You can coax plenty of different sounds out of a guitar with an Adirondack top simply by altering your right-hand technique, so it really facilitates expressive playing!

Part of the reason for this is the otherworldly amount of headroom that Adirondack spruce offers. Every acoustic guitar’s top has a point at which it cannot get any louder. Once you hit that point, the top is “maxed-out” and playing harder yields more compression rather than more volume.

For guitars with Adirondack tops, that point is much, much higher than normal. So, you can really hit hard with your right hand without losing any clarity. Think of it like this: if electric guitar players prize amps that can “go to eleven,” acoustic guitarists prize Adirondack spruce because it can go to quadruple-fortissimo. Nevertheless, it is still quite expressive and open-sounding at lower volumes.

Terrific Triple-0 Tone

As you can probably guess, Adirondack spruce sounds positively spectacular in a 000-28 body! The added headroom gives this small-bodied guitar a rare brand of clarity that allows flatpickers and fingerpickers alike to delight in its midrange presence, rich-yet-balanced tonality, and articulate voice.

The Ultimate Sleeper

Since we went all-out to get the most opulent vintage Martin tone possible with our Wildwood Customs, we elected to equip them with the simple, elegant appointments that normally grace Martin’s standard production models.

So, while these guitars may look like a regular Martin, they will blow your mind after one strum. In a sense, they are the ultimate sleeper guitars: no bling, no abalone imported from the coast of the Caspian sea, no rare woods, just pure vintage Martin tone.

Feel the Joy

Playing a Custom Shop Martin is a singularly joyous experience, and we could not be happier to share that joy with our exceptional customers. We know that these Wildwood Customs will prove themselves to be steadfast companions on your acoustic adventures, and we cannot wait to see how they inspire you along the way.


Brand Martin Guitars
ModelWildwood Custom 000-28 - Adirondack
Type000-14 Fret
Top WoodSolid Adirondack Spruce
Top FinishPolished Gloss Tobacco Sunburst
BracingNon-Scalloped Adirondack Spruce X-Bracing
Back & Sides WoodSolid East Indian Rosewood
Back & Sides FinishPolished Gloss
Neck WoodMahogany
Neck FinishSatin
Neck JointMahogany Blocks/Dovetail Neck Joint
Neck ShapeModified Low Oval Profile w/Performing Artist Taper
Neck Dimensions.820 1st - .900 9th
Fretboard MaterialEbony
Fretboard InlaysDiamonds and Squares
Scale Length24.9"
Width at Nut1 3/4"
Nut MaterialBone
BindingAntique White Boltaron
RosetteStyle 28 Boltaron
TunersNickel Schaller GrandTunes w/Butterbean Buttons
Saddle16'' Radius/Compensated/Bone
CaseBlack Molded Hardshell Case

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