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The Real McCoy

Attention, acoustic guitar-loving Wildwoodians! We have a truly delectable morsel for you to feast your eyes upon today: the Authentic Series 1933 OM-18. Using a combination of cutting-edge technology and old-world manufacturing techniques, the masterful acoustic maestros at Martin have managed to lovingly replicate the sound of a '33 OM-18.

Martin puts these awesome OM-18s together with hot hide-glue, a protein-based adhesive that provides the strongest possible connection between the two pieces. They also hand-scallop each and every brace! This process is time-consuming, and it requires painstaking attention to detail, but it's worth it, because it lends their Authentic series guitars Golden-Era levels of resonance and sustain.

They only use the hide glue on good pieces of wood, too! These awesome Authentic OM-18s come equipped with solid Adirondack spruce tops and bracing and stellar solid mahogany backs and sides, a classic tonewood combination that never fails to impress everyone within earshot. Adirondack spruce has more headroom and dynamic range than the more-common Sitka variety, and it also has a sweeter, woodier overall tonality. When you combine this stellar spruce tone with the warmth and roundness of the mahogany back and sides, the sound is the stuff of our wildest, most feverish acoustic dreams!

After selecting the choicest cuts of wood, the masterminds at Martin age the top using their patented Vintage Tone System, or VTS. The VTS is a sophisticated thermochemical process that is similar to torrefaction but more involved. Basically, torrefaction works like this: you put the wood in an oxygen-free chamber under atmospheric pressure, and heat it. This sucks the moisture out of the wood and causes various biopolymers like cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin, which makes the wood more solid and stable.

Martin's Vintage Tone Process takes the torrefaction process one step further. The acoustic wizards of Nazareth, Pennsylvania studied the chemical composition of various iconic Martins from the past, then figured out how to reverse-engineer modern wood to mirror that classic wood chemistry by using the torrefaction process I mentioned above. So, if you put the Adirondack spruce top on this 1933 Authentic Series OM-18 under a microscope, it looks almost identical to the pre-war dreadnought that inspired it!

The VTS system and OM-18s go together like Hall and Oates! Drier wood equals a warmer, clearer sound with a more focused frequency response, so there's less flub and fat and more muscle, so to speak. When you give the already-clear, sonorous voice of the Adirondack top this vintage treatment, it makes these guitars sound like a dream: open, warm, clear, and woody, with a ridiculously wide dynamic range of expression. It loves a flatpick and fingers, and it is quite versatile. Bluegrass picking, folk strumming, jazzy fingerstyle, gutbucket blues--you name it, the OM-18 Authentic can excel at it!

We are proud to present such an delightful instruments to our exceptional customers, and we invite you to experience the magic of the prewar Martin sound by taking one of these Authentic acoustics for a spin!


Brand Martin Guitars
ModelOM-18 Authentic 1933 - VTS
Type000-14 Fret
Top WoodSolid VTS - Aged Adirondack Spruce
Top FinishVintage 1932 Shaded Gloss
Bracing PatternAuthentic 1933 X Brace
Brace MaterialHand-Scalloped 5/16" Adirondack Spruce w/VTS
Tone Bars1/4" Adirondack Spruce
Back & Sides WoodSolid Genuine Mahogany
Back & Sides FinishVintage Gloss
Neck WoodSolid Genuine Mahogany
Neck FinishVintage Gloss
Neck JointMahogany Blocks/Dovetail Neck Joint - Hide Glue Construction
Neck ShapeAuthentic 1933
Neck Dimensions.840 1st - 1.060 9th
Nut Width1 3/4"
Bridge String Spacing2 3/8"
Fretboard MaterialEbony
Fingerboard InlaysOld Style 18
Scale Length25.4''
Nut MaterialEbony
TunersNickel Open-Gear w/Butterbean Knobs
BridgeAuthentic Ebony Belly w/Glue-In Long Saddle
Saddle16'' Radius/Bone
CaseBlack Hardshell Case

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