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Cult of PRS-Onality

Vernon Reid and Paul Reed Smith deserve a Noble Prize and their name in neon lights for designing this stellar signature model S2 VR Vela together! It was only natural for the two legends to collaborate on a guitar, because Paul's relentless dedication to versatility, beauty, and precision in design jives perfectly with the personality of a virtuoso like Vernon. Though Vernon Reid made his name in the eighties as the guitarist in the eclectic platinum-selling band Living Colour, he went on to lead a musical career of astonishing breadth and depth. He's brought his savage guitar stylings to tours or recordings by everyone from B.B. King to Public Enemy to Mick Jagger to The Roots, scored several celebrated movies, and produced several Grammy-winning albums. Most importantly, the esteemed Mr. Reed has developed an inimitable guitar style that blends the aggression of hardcore punk, the precision and virtuosity of shredding metal, the groove of hard-edged funk, and the out-there harmonic sensibility of jazz.

There is no one in the world that plays guitar like Vernon Reid, and such a singular player needs signature model guitar that can keep up with both his chops and his eclecticism. The PRS team was up to the task of making it happen. After years of elbow grease, they forged a mighty S2 Vela with a few interesting twists that reflect Mr. Reid's personality. After starting with a mahogany body for a round, punchy, balanced tone, the tone engineers in Stevensville, Maryland plopped in some gristly HFS pickups for powerful, broad midrange, transparent highs, and beefy bass response. There's also a vast array of thinner coil-tapped tones hiding in the five-way switch, should the need to get spanky and/or funky arise. Ultimately, this combination of wood and wire results in a tone with enough fidelity to accurately capture the player's dynamics while playing a bajillion notes per second while retaining enough weight and depth to sound heavy, man.

Speaking of playing at breakneck speed, players of all styles will love the V-shaped neck! It's quite comfortable to play chords and lean into big bends with your thumb on the slope of the V, and placing your thumb in the center of V puts you in Optimal Shred Position, but all types of left-hand technique feel great on this guitar. Of course, the Floyd Rose tailpiece certainly helps you do big bends, too! For what it's worth, these stellar S2s are much livelier and more resonant than many guitars with locking vibrato systems.

All of this sonic mojo is housed within a pretty package, too! The simple black finish is understated and elegant, but the real star of the show is the pickguard, which was designed by Vernon Reid himself! This simple combination of paint and pickguard allows the S2 Vernon Reid Vela to turn heads without looking gaudy or ostentatious. One thing's for sure: it's bound to draw the eyes (and possibly the envy) of everyone at the jam session. Now, all you have to do is play like Vernon and you're all set!

Of course, playing like Vernon Reid is easier said than done, but pickers of all shapes and sizes will nevertheless find endless inspiration in the S2 VR Vela. Vernon Reid's wide-ranging musical tastes send him off in every musical direction, and this PRS is able to follow him wherever he goes. Chances are, it will follow you down whatever musical rabbit holes you want to go down, too. The Wildwood team is excited to showcase such a powerful, versatile guitar, and we are sure it will prove a steadfast traveling companion no matter where your musical journey takes you.


Brand PRS Guitars
ModelLimited Edition S2 Vernon Reid Vela
Finish ColorBlack
Weight7.59 lbs.
Body WoodMahogany
Neck WoodMahogany
Neck ShapeV-Shape
Neck Dimensions.850 1st - .910 12th
Fingerboard InlaysBird
Scale Length25"
Pickups2 HFS Humbuckers
Controls1 Volume, 1 Tone, 5-Way
BridgeFloyd Rose 1000 Series Tremolo
TunersPRS Low Mass Locking
CaseGig Bag

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