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Visually Stunning. Tonally Inspired.

It was a rainy morning in Maryland when we were invited into the Private Stock Vault, a hallowed hall of tone wood heaven, lead by the man himself, Paul Reed Smith. From one end of the room the other, just about every tone wood imaginable was at our disposal, from gorgeous ribbon mahogany backs to intense quilted maple. This is a special place, a place where a passionate musician could spend hours crafting their dream instrument, and we did just that. Enter the Wildwood McCarty 594 Fatback, a Wildwood creation that pays tribute to the past while embracing the future. Paul was gracious enough to allow us to hand select every piece of each instrument with tone being the priority, first and foremost. Based on the wildly popular McCarty 594, our Wildwood Private Stock McCarty 594 Fatback utilizes an ultra light, thicker mahogany back, closer in depth to some of the great vintage guitars of the late 50's, and a tribute to a certain artist that embraced the original McCarty back in the mid-90's.

We paired these incredible backs with Dark Peruvian Mahogany necks, an ultra dense mahogany that closely resembles some of our other extremely popular Private Stock runs. The result is a platform where tone is king, delivering a rich, vintage inspired experience that has to be FELT to be believed. What is a Paul Reed Smith Private Stock instrument without a killer maple top? The only option we felt appropriate was to pair these incredible mahogany backs with absolutely stunning one piece quilted maple tops, some of the finest we've ever seen. Paul's constant evolution and relentless pursuit of tone over the years has led us to one of our favorite new pickups: the 58/15LT, a beautifully underwound version of the ultra popular 58/15, and the voice of the original Private Stock McCarty 594. These PAF inspired pickups coax plenty of complex harmonic content and a clarity that is simply staggering. Special finishes and high end upgrades complimented our choices of tone woods, such as etched mother of pearl bird inlays, Brazilian rosewood fingerboards and headstock veneers, completing a package that is vintage inspired, but distinctly PRS. The result is a guitar with the modern appointments, flawless construction and ultra-comfortable feel of a Paul Reed Smith instrument, with an enhanced sweetness and vibe of a vintage classic.

Wildwood Guitars is honored to present to you, our exceptional customers, this labor of love from Paul's Wood Library: The Wildwood Guitars Private Stock McCarty 594 Fatback, a vintage voice for a modern generation.

“The 594 is the best new guitar I've played in years. It has a vintage heart and soul but without the technical limitations that usually come along with an old instrument. What good is an old guitar if you can't get all that feel out of the upper frets, or the intonation is off? To hear that old PAF sound but be able to articulate the notes in a way that only modern manufacturing could allow is so exciting. This one's going all over my new record, because it sits so nicely between all of the sonic identities we all know and love. And it plays like a dream.” – John Mayer


Brand PRS Guitars
ModelWildwood Guitars Private Stock McCarty 594 Fatback
Finish ColorTiger Eye Dragon's Breath
Weight8.28 lbs
Top WoodOne Piece Private Stock Grade Quilted Maple
Body WoodLightweight Ribbon Back Mahogany
Neck WoodDark Peruvian Mahogany
Neck ShapePattern Vintage
Neck Dimensions.850 1st - .930 12th
FingerboardBrazilian Rosewood
InlaysEtched Mother of Pearl Bird Inlays
Scale Length24.594"
Pickups58/15 LT Treble and Bass
Controls2 Volume and 2 Tone (push/pull) with 3-Way
BridgePRS 2-Piece Stoptail
TunersPRS Phase III Locking Tuners
CaseBlack Western Leather Case

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