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Falcon Punch!

Wildwoodians, we are proud to present the ultimate bird of prey: the Gibson Falcon 20 combo amp. This is a pretty big deal, because Gibson hasn't made amps since 1967! This particular model is a tribute to the legendary GA-19RVT Falcon that Gibson only made for one year (1961). It blends the powerful tone and elegant style of the original with modern features that make life easier for the discerning guitarist. With its Class A circuitry and simple, one-channel design, it's the definition of a "grip-it-and-rip-it" amp that punches well above its weight class. But, if you want to play at a more neighbor-friendly volume but still get great tone, the Falcon can drop down to 10 or 2 watts. It also has a killer classic analog tube-driven spring reverb that we find utterly addictive. A Jensen Blackbird speaker completes the package by providing touch-sensitivity, three-dimensional highs and mids, and nice tight bass. We're proud to present this beastly bird of prey, and we have no doubt you'll love flying the friendly skies with the Falcon.

• Built in Petaluma, California
• All-Tube Amplifier: 2x 6V6 Power Tubes / 4x 12AX7 Preamp Tubes
• Pure Class A Power
• Patented Multi-Watt Power, featuring Duo-Class wiring providing:
o 20 Watts – 2x 6V6 Push-Pull, Class A, Pentode
o 10 Watts – 2x 6V6 Push-Pull, Class A, Triode
o 2 Watts – 1x 6V6 Single-Ended, Class A, Pentode
• Cathode Biased
• Single Channel Simplicity – Channel Features:
Normal & Low (Cleaner) Inputs, Volume, Tone, Reverb, Depth, & Frequency
• Foot-Switchable, All-Tube Spring Reverb
• Foot-Switchable, All-Tube Tremolo
• Monitor (Slave) DI Output – Fixed Attenuated from the Speaker Output
• Polished Stainless-Steel Chassis
• 2 Button Footswitch (Reverb & Tremolo)
• Slip cover
• 12” Jensen Blackbird ALNICO Speakers
Cream Bronco
Oxblood Grille

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