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Wildwoodians, every once in a while we come across a guitar builder with such singular vision and incredible creativity that we can't help ourselves. The guitar arrives and all activity in the shop ceases as we all crowd around the case and create a chorus of oohs and ahhs. That was the case when the first Conchers Baritone arrived from our friends at Castedosa guitars. Castedosa Guitars is the brainchild of former Fender Masterbuilder Carlos Lopez, and it was born of his love for his family ("Castedosa" is a combination of the first letters of his name, his wife's name, and his kids' names) and a desire to create his own legacy. It's truly a family endeavor--his wife hand-winds each and every pickup!

The Conchers's design is certainly the sort of creative idea that builds a lasting legacy, too. It takes inspiration from classic Fender shapes like the Tele, the Strat, and the Jazzmaster, but it also doesn't really look like any one guitar. It's evocative of the past, yet it's fresh, new, and exciting.

Also, the concept of a hand-built baritone is itself a fresh concept. In fact, it's fair to say that the Conchers Baritone might be built with the most care and attention of any baritone in the world. Carlos's attention to detail gives them an unrivaled fit and finish, and you'll be amazed by the wide array of dynamic, responsive tones you can find within the three mini-humbuckers using the 5-way switch. Baritones have a reputation for being instruments with specialized uses, but with the Castedosa Conchers, you'll likely find yourself asking "What CAN'T I do with this baritone?" It may very well become your Number One!

Carlos Lopez chose to make his first model a baritone because he feels that the lower frequencies hit you in a special way that moves him, and we have no doubt the Conchers will make your heartstrings resonate, too.


Brand Castedosa Guitars
ModelConchers Baritone
Built ByCarlos Lopez
Finish ColorAged Burnt Marshmallow
Weight8.52 lbs.
Body WoodAlder
Neck WoodRoasted Maple
Neck FinishDark Mole Tint
Neck ShapeMedium V Profile
Neck Dimensions.860 1st - .900 12th
Scale Length27"
Fingerboard Radius12"
Nut MaterialBone
Nut Width1.725"
Frets21 Jescar Medium Jumbo
Pickups3 Hand-Wound Castedosa TS Mini-Humbuckers
Lower Bout ControlsVolume, Tone, 5-Way
CaseHardshell Case

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Castedosa Guitars
Serial Number: 063

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