A Killer Driskill

This Driskill Diablo MQ5 drips with stunning looks and tone to match. The Wagner Darkburst neck and Herc bridge pickups deliver exceptional clarity and response, with plenty of singing harmonic content. Chords are rich and full, with plenty of grind on the top end, creating a wide sonic spectrum that shifts with pick dynamics and attack. Single note runs sing, coaxing out gobs of gritty overtones that stack upon each other with bends and expressive vibrato. The build quality on this piece is absolutely stunning, and some of the best we've seen, with perfect fit and finish all around, and a dazzling AAAAA Quilt top. Simply amazing. It's no wonder Joe Driskill's work is so revered and cherished among guitarists all over the world.

Condition Report

This Diablo is in near-mint conditions with no real signs of playwear. It comes with its original hardshell case!

Musical instruments made from certain types of wood may be restricted for export from the U.S. under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). Due to this restriction, we are unable to ship instruments containing brazilian rosewood outside of the US. Please contact us for more information or to make alternate shipping arrangements.


Brand Used
ModelDriskill Diablo MQ5
Finish ColorNitro Bengal
Weight9.33 lbs
Top WoodAAAAA Quilt Maple
Body WoodMahogany
Neck WoodSolid Cocobolo
Neck Dimensions.880 1st - .960 12th
FingerboardBrazilian Rosewood
Fingerboard InlaysPaua Tree of Life
Scale Length25"
PickupsWagner Goodwood (neck), Wagner Herc (bridge)
ControlsVolume, Tone, 5-Way
TailpieceDriskill Tremolo
Unique FeaturesBrazilian Rosewood Back Plate Signed by Joe Driskill
CaseHardshell Case

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Serial Number: 0602106

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