The Long and Winding Road

people who go by one name always have fascinating stories and Teye–the mastermind behind Teye Guitars–is no different. Born of Viking blood in the Netherlands, Teye was destined to be a music-maker and a nomad from an early age. He played in loud rock bands all over Europe for a long time before deciding to enroll in a music conservatory in Groningen. the conservatory world wasn’t for him, but the school did give him something that would prove far more valuable than a degree: a love for flamenco guitar.

With his heart aflame with passion for flamenco, Teye stashed his electric guitars away and made many trips to Spain to learn from flamenco masters like El Pele, Manuel de Palma, and Paco Peña. Teye built quite a career for himself with his electrified music (he couldn’t stay away from rock and roll for long!) and his flamenco playing, and he eventually hooked up with a fellow named Joe Ely who wanted to add some flamenco flair to his deeply Texan brand of country-rock. They made some great records together, but after decades of touring Teye was looking to settle down. He’d been building guitars since he was a teenager, and people were always trying to buy the stage guitars he built for himself, so why not try his hand at building guitars and selling them to others? Thus, Teye Guitars was born.

Teye quickly achieved a sterling reputation in the world of high-end electric guitars, and it’s easy to see and hear why. His designs–which often involve ornate, intricate engraving work on pieces of metal over gorgeous earthy finishes–reflect his wide and varied cultural experience as a true citizen of the world. You can see a little bit of America, London, Cordoba, and the Netherlands in each guitar, and that broad palette of influences gives them visual flair unlike any other guitar out there.

But, to focus on the aesthetics of Teye’s guitars would do them a disservice, because they are absolute sonic titans with impeccable fit and finish. It should come as no surprise that Teye is an innovator when it comes to electronics, too, and his custom pickups and circuitry give his guitars huge three-dimensional voices capable of covering all sorts of musical ground. Perhaps the best example of a Teye Guitar’s versatility is here. At the top of the page, you can hear a recording from Teye’s band where he tracked four very different-sounding guitar parts with the same guitar and amp simply by tweaking the volume, tone, and “Mojo” knobs on the instrument. Scary, isn’t it?

Wildwood Guitars is proud to showcase our selection of Teye Guitars, and we believe that their visual flair and sweet sounds will inspire you to no end.

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