An Animal All Their Own

Teye Guitars are made in Nashville by master builder Teye, a visionary who blends classic design elements with beautiful engraved metal pieces to create ornate masterpieces with heart-stopping styling and vibe. The Teye Guitar philosophy speaks for itself: “Every guitar maker on Earth has the same goals: to make an honest living at building guitars and basses that inspire the players that buy them and that will be a source of personal pride for the builder. I am no different, and those are exactly my goals.” Teye’s philosophy reflects his unwavering devotion to phenomenal instruments. Exceptional tone woods, premium pickup configurations, and quality hardware come together with a head-turning aesthetic that will wow all who lay eyes on them. The Wildwood Staff is certain that these treasures from Teye will do exactly as he intended: inspire our exceptional customers for a lifetime. We think you’ll agree that there’s nothing in this world like a Teye Guitar.