Hollowbody Heaven

It almost seems unfair that PRS Hollowbody guitars are so good, especially since they started off as a footnote in the story of the McCarty 594! After spending years refining classic solid-body electric guitar designs to their zenith with his friend Ted McCarty (who was Gibson’s president from 1950 to 1966, and who knows a thing or two about building electric guitars), Paul Reed Smith introduced the legendary PRS McCarty. The McCarty was nothing short of revolutionary. It felt as buttery and fast as any modern guitar, but it had incredible vintage tone. It was a perfect marriage of old and new, and it took the guitar world by storm.

Most people would be happy with one industry-shaking new idea, but Paul Reed Smith isn’t most people. After introducing the McCarty in 1994, he wondered if he couldn’t fit the same blend of vintage mojo and modern feel into a fully-hollow version of the McCarty. After all, he’d revolutionized solidbody design, so why not take a crack at hollowbodies?

Using the McCarty as their jumping-off point, the good people at PRS rolled up their sleeves and got to work. In 1998, the PRS Hollowbody arrived to considerable fanfare. Though it was based on the McCarty body, it had a sound all its own. It had the sweetness, the woodiness, the dynamic range, and the fullness of a great vintage hollowbody with the articulation and clarity that discerning modern players demand.

Through the Hollowbody has changed slightly over the years as it morphed into its modern iteration, the Hollowbody II, it still carries within it the trailblazing spirit of the original. Frankly, the guitars below are likes a Ferrari with Camaro souls!

We’re proud to showcase our selection of PRS Hollowbody IIs. We’re sure their sweet old-school tones and effortless playability will inspire you to no end, and we’re also certain that their sweet styling will provoke much drooling every time you pop open the case. We invite you to browse our offerings and find the Hollowbody II that inspires you. Once you do, we’re sure it will help you make lots of joyous noises!