The Next Generation of Wildwood Spec has Arrived!

Wildwood Guitars is humbled and honored to present the latest iteration of the Wildwood Spec Les Paul! You don’t just see the difference–you FEEL it, too. Obsessively perfect, ultra-accurate aesthetic appointments compliment stellar finish options like aniline-dyed 1-piece mahogany backs, historically accurate deluxe Kluson tuners, and gorgeous maple tops to create instruments that look and feel vintage. Additionally, they’ve given each guitar a historically accurate serial number to complete the historically-accurate presentation. These powerhouses are driven by two proprietary Wildwood Spec pickups that deliver a vintage-accurate tone with unparalelled clarity, sweetness and articulation. We couldn’t be happier to partner with our friends at the Gibson Custom Shop to write the next chapter in the Wildwood Spec story, and we are thrilled to present these magical Gibson Custom masterpieces to the Wildwood Family!