Born Under a Bad Sign

Though the SG has plenty of muscle, it sounds less like a bodybuilder and more like a scary dude in a leather jacket picking his teeth with a switchblade. And, it has a sensitive side. Though there’s an exciting rawness and attitude to the SG’s sound, it never loses its inherent woody warmth. It may be raw, but it has plenty of range. So, in Tommy Iommi’s hands, the SG snarls like a hellhound. In Derek Trucks’s hands, the SG cries like a female blues singer from the Delta circa 1927. What’s the common thread? Both players aim to bottle raw, intense emotion with their playing, and the SG is the perfect instrument for the job.

We’re proud to showcase our collection of Custom Shop Gibson SGs. We invite you to take a gander at our selection and find the Solid Guitar that suits you best. Once you do, we’re sure it will help you make all sorts of joyous racket!