A Symbol of Quality and a Promise of Excellence.

From the very beginning, the staff at Wildwood Guitars have been devout Gibson followers, adoring the incredible craftsmanship and unmistakable performance of these iconic instruments. The rich history of these legendary instruments have defined generations and inspired millions, forever etching their legacy into the annals of time. It’s with great pride that Wildwood Guitars is recognized as a Benchmark dealer, one of the highest honors we could possibly receive.

With direct access to the Gibson Custom factory and their master craftsmen, Benchmark instruments are designed and hand-selected for exceptional tone, unparalleled craftsmanship, and an unspoken magic that has captured the imagination of millions.

With extraordinary service and unrivaled passion, we make that same promise of excellence to our exceptional customers; empowering them to tell their story, with the voice of an instrument worthy of carrying the Benchmark name.