By 1961, the Stratocaster was fast on its way to becoming a cultural mainstay after Strat-slingers like Hank Marvin took the airwaves by storm. The sixties were also an exciting time for Straotcaster design, as Leo and company outfitted them with rosewood fretboards for the first time. The rosewood produced a sweet attack that spoke to everyone from Hendrix to SRV! Our Wildwood 10 1961 Stratocasters pay tribute to the great Strat boom of the sixties, and we think they embody the sweet sounds of that era to a T. We have a wide variety of colors, relic’d finishes, and neck profiles on tap, so we invite you to browse away and find a Strat that plucks your heartstrings. Once you do, we’re sure you’ll fall under the spell of the Wildwood 1961 Stratocaster.