All Killer. No Filler.

Designed by amp mastermind Joe Morgan, Morgan amps are crafted with the mindset of ‘excellence through simplicity,’ utilizing the highest quality components and masterful design. The result is an extremely compelling amplifier that is truly a thing of beauty. Simply put: these amps are all killer, no filler. At the end of the day, it all comes down to tone, and the Morgan Amplification line certainly delivers in spades. Inspired by the classic British and American platforms of yesteryear, these amps take vintage configurations to a whole other level. These incredibly responsive, touch sensitive tone monsters take pedals like a champ and are built to exceed expectations. Whether you’re looking for gorgeous, smile-inducing clean tones, or phenomenal breakup that has to be heard to be believed, there’s a Morgan amplifier for you. From custom-designed Mercury Magnetics transformers and hand-wired artistry to industry leading power scaling options and an intuitive layout that lets your guitar’s personality shine through like no other, Morgan Amplifiers are some of the finest we’ve had the experience of playing here at Wildwood. We’re beyond excited to present these exceptional amplifiers to our exceptional customers. FEAST!

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