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Priceless Guitars Purchased From Wildwood and The Owners Who Love Them

For almost 3 decades, Wildwood Guitars has been selling priceless, living, breathing beings (commonly referred to as “guitars” by those who don’t understand) with souls, hearts and songs inside them.  The adventurers who have purchased these magnificent entities have stories to tell and pictures to share!  We are pleased and honored to share these windows into soulfulness on our Blog.  So without further ado, here are some great pictures for your enjoyment.

It’s that *one* guitar that seems to make its way around every room in the house naturally.  I was so lucky to receive my 1967 Custom Shop Limited Edition Closet Classic Telecaster (in Firemist Silver Metallic) as an unbelievable Christmas present from my loving family this past year. I will never forget that feeling…like a little kid on Christmas! It is perfect for any occasion – whether in the basement, in the studio, or on the stage…and one cannot acquire a guitar like this at a guitar “superstore!”  I’m grateful for the discriminating tastes and for the high quality standard for excellence that is found at Wildwood Guitars; because we asked for a “player’s instrument” and we sure got a “player!”  Wildwood is the only guitar shop in my book.

David, Boston, MA, USA (pictured above)

Here is a picture of me rocking my PRS Tremonti purchased right there in Louisville at Casselman’s in Downtown Denver.  I love this guitar…it has sustain for days, and it’s great for the metalz!! You guys are the best! 

Tim, Centennial, CO (pictured above)

Here’s a shot of me with my number one axe – 2001 PRS Singlecut. This guitar plays like butter and sounds awesome!! It’s my main gigging guitar and has been for the last couple years. I played a bunch of them at the shop but this one was special.  Tell Steve Mesple that Buddy from Ohio says hi!

Buddy, Ohio, USA (pictured above)

I´m 69 and still rockin´ in Spain, with my ´56 “Wildwood 10” Blonde Relic.  Best guitar I ever owned in nearly 50 years of playing. (and I´ve had a few).
Frank, Las Palmas, Spain (pictured above)

martin 2

I love my 513 because of its warm and timeless colour black gold which makes her look like an ancient violin and of course the guitar was a gift by my wife.  Best wishes from Germany!

Martin, living in the free state of Bavaria, Germany (pictured above)

This guitar has ruined other guitars for me. It is the lightest, best sounding and best looking guitar I own. And it is the most versatile and reliable, too! I keep taking a backup guitar to gigs but I have not needed it yet. Thanks to Troy for hooking me up with this baby and keep the lefty goodness coming!

Aron Ortega, Hollywood, CA
(pictured above)

Here’s a pic of me with my Wildwood Gibson Les Paul Studio 60’s Tribute. This was taken in July of this year at a central Kansas gig I played with my trio, The Bad Dawgs. I absolutely love this guitar. The craftsmanship, fit and finish are excellent for what I would consider a mid-priced guitar, and I’ll put the playability and tone up against ANYBODY’S guitar. The P90’s are so incredibly versatile…country, rock, funk, blues…this guitar will do it. I even had a friend in a punk/thrash band play it at this same gig while I changed a string on his guitar for him…he loved it! The leader of the other band I play in – a straight-up blues gig – is a total Fender junkie, and even he admits that this Paul is a killer! The guitar is great, plus my experience dealing with Bruce at Wildwood was absolutely first-rate.

Chris “Po’ Boy” Horn, McPherson, Kansas (pictured above)

I have multiple Wildwood guitars but my shell pink Jazzmaster is absolutely my favorite.

Chris Ucis (pictured above)

I love my Gibson Custom Wildwood Spec Les Paul for its unbelievable tone, playability, feel & look!

Andrea C.