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Joe Bonamassa and his excellent adventure with Wildwood Guitars

We consider ourselves lucky to be friends with real-life guitar hero Joe Bonamassa.  All of us at Wildwood have dreamed of doing what Joe is doing, and we enjoy living vicariously through his successes and triumphs as a guitar player.  It’s difficult to identify a guitarist, especially a relatively young one, that has taken the world by storm as Joe has, winning the admiration and allegiance of so many guitar aficionados and fans worldwide.  Joe has been playing the biggest guitar festivals, releasing very successful CD’s of his own original music and touring the world to critical acclaim.  His songs, playing and voice have captivated multiple generations of music lovers and it’s been a lot of fun to watch his rise to success.

Joe stopped in to visit our store earlier this year, and here are a couple of great shots of that visit.  In fact, we have an overwhelming amount of video and photographs from this visit and others, too much for one blog post, so please stay tuned for many sequels on this subject!

Here, Wildwood Guitars’ owner Steve Mesple fondles a rare Joe Bonamassa prototype from Gibson Custom and describes some of the nuances of the partnership with Joe and the Gibson Custom Shop:

During Joe’s trip through Wildwood’s neck of the woods, we tagged along as he visited the epic treasure trove of Mike Slubowski, a dear friend and patron of Wildwood and one of the most renowned guitar collectors in the world.  Mike’s frequent visits to the store are in part because he lives nearby but mostly because he shares our affliction with the same extreme strain of guitar addiction.  Here is a great video that took place at Mike’s guitar lair:

Joe and Wildwood’s own Greg Koch have appeared together numerous times on stage, and the day after Joe’s visit to our store and to Mike’s lair, we got to witness one of these epic convergences.  Prior to the show, Joe’s most excellent guitar tech Mike Hickey gave us the rundown on the guitars used on Joe’s tour:

And once these gentlemen were on stage, madness of the best kind ensued.  Here is Joe tearing it up!

Getting to see Joe feature Greg Koch on stage was equally exciting.  We are so proud of both Joe and Greg for their amazing guitar playing ability being recognized for what it is by the world, but also for being such fine human beings.  Stay tuned for more videos and pictures from the convergence of Wildwood Guitars, Joe Bonamassa, Greg Koch and Mike Slubowski!  We leave you with this fine number featuring Joe and Greg together on stage, at the Paramount Theater in Denver, Colorado.  Thanks for watching!